All you Have To Know About Levidia Ch Is Here! A Comprehensive Guide 

Levidia ch is considered one of the famous movie streaming sites where you can watch movies, tv shows, and documentaries for free. Many people got confused with the real website. To ensure that you are at the right place, make sure you have visited levidia.ch domain to watch movies. 

Here in this article, we are going to tell you all about the sites, why is it better than others, and how to use the site properly.

Levidia ch:

Levidia is one of the best movie streaming sites where you can watch tv series, movies, and documentaries completely free without even paying a single penny. 

You might be thinking there are a lot of other websites that provide free movie streaming.  Well, you are right but there are some benefits over other websites that you will receive during watching movies on Levidia.

Why use Levidia ch?

There are a lot of reasons that will make you choose this site for movie streaming. However, here I have enlisted the major reasons to choose those sites for watching movies online. Well, it is not the only one to choose. There are many other websites that have good speed and interface with a huge library like pelismart but today is the day of levidia. So, let’s move on to the factors.

Completely Free:

First of all, the biggest reason to choose this site is that it is completely free and you don’t even have to pay a single penny to browse the site. Many websites are free but they have a daily limit of watching movies and you will see “Quota Exceeded” or “Your limit has Exceeded” pop up on the screen. This becomes very frustrating and annoying. But in the case of Levidia, you can watch unlimited movies for free without any restrictions. 

Ads Free:

Well, this is one of the best reasons to choose levidia ch for movie streaming. Levidia’s movies and series can be watched without ads and pop-ups. You don’t have to skip ads or close redirected tabs. All you have to do is to select a movie and watch it without caring about pop-ups. 

All Features in Front Place:

The most interesting thing about this website is that all the features and options are available on the homepage of this website. You can see the image:

levidia ch features

You can see that you can log in or sign up at the top of the bar. Below are the links to high-authority movie sites like dailymotion. After those links, you can see the alphabet. These alphabets show movies according to the first letter. 

After this, there is a section that is beneficial for finding movies of your interest. This saves a lot of time if you are not sure what to watch. 

You can also find movies according to their release date. 

These are major features and reasons to choose Lividea ch for online movie streaming. 

You can also download the movie if the link is available to download. 

Is Lividia Safe or Legit?

According to teh Scam Void, Levidia ch is a safe and legit website. They have done algorithm tests on it and determined this. Although there is no review of this website, in my opinion, it is safe. 

is levidia safe or legit

As I have told you before, the site is ad-free so you don’t have to worry about malware or anything like that. 


Levidia ch is one of the best movie streaming sites. There are no ads, no stupid pop-ups. The site is completely free and has a lot of movies, tv series, and documentaries. The site is safe and not a scam. It is easy to navigate and fast. Overall the experience on this site was good. 

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

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