Watch High-Quality Anime Shows on Kickassanime in 2024

Kickassanime is a rapidly growing platform that offers streaming of thousands of Anime and Animated shows for free. You can set a resolution for each anime and choose subtitles if you don’t understand the original language. 

The site has a dark and simple interface with easy-to-navigate links, making it more interesting and attractive. The site’s theme is good for watching anime at night because a dark theme is good for eye protection

In this article, I will introduce you to Kickassanime, its features, functionalities, how to use this site, and the key benefits of this website that will make you choose this platform for watching anime. So, let’s get started.


Kick ass Anime is a website that offers thousands of high-quality anime with all episodes for free. You can watch any Anime available on this site without paying a single penny. Some of the anime are available to download as well. You can downlaod any Anime to watch it offline. 

However, you cannot reuse or upload any content from kickassanime on any other platform. To do so, you have to get permission from the admin of the site. 

All you have to do is visit their official website and search for your desired anime or TV shows

How to use Kick Ass Anime?

It is quite easy to watch anime on Kickassanime. To do so, you must visit their official website, which ends with the .am domain. There are many fake and clon sites created to get traffic. However, you can search for the kick-ass anime query in Google search and click on the first result. 

Now, you reached on the platform. There you have two options. First is the navigation. If you are still deciding what to watch, the site has made it easy to decide. You can browse content using navigation links to find content that suits your interests.

You can see options like Anime, Schedule, Popular Shows, Trending, and Random on the left sidebar. You can click on the desired option to sort out content. It saves a lot of time when finding Anime that you find interesting. 

Also, you can scroll the homepage of kickassanime to find if any anime is related to your interest.

The second option is the search bar. You can see a search option in the middle of the header. If you have an anime in your mind, search for the exact keyword and start playing it if found. 


The kickassanime has various features that enhance the anime streaming experience. First, the site has a default theme, which is good for eye protection at night. The site has listed Anime in the categories, trending, and the most popular section, which saves time when finding Anime. 

You can create an account on kickassanime. It is optional, but if you do so, you will have access to your watch history, you will see content based on your watch history, and you can save an Anime to watch later section. 

The kickassanime features content with an A to Z list. You can also search for movies by entering the name of a specific category in the search bar. 

If you are not familiar with the original language of an Anime, you can use Subtitles to find available subtitles in any of the languages you are familiar with. 

You can also see the comments of users and engage with viewers. The player also has an Auto Play and Auto Next feature, which enhances the anime streaming experience. The site is active on various social media platforms, so you can follow their social accounts to get updates about the latest releases. 

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Last Updated on December 21, 2023

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