IWEIYI 2022 : Send Gifts And Spread Happiness

Iweiyi is a Chinese festival celebrated on the 22nd day of February. It’s also known as “Feast of Lanterns” or “Lantern Festival,” and it marks the end of winter in China. According to traditional Chinese culture, this festival symbolises good fortune and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Iweiyi is a Chinese festival celebrated on the 22nd day of February.

Iweiyi is a Chinese festival celebrated on the 22nd day of February. It’s a day to celebrate friendship and family, but it also has roots in ancient Chinese culture. The word “iweiyi” means friendship in English and it’s used by many people in China as well.

The first recorded use of iweiyi was during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), when it was used to announce good news or celebrate special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

What do you know about weiyi?

Iweiyi is a Chinese festival that celebrates friendship and good times. It’s also the day to celebrate the new year.

Iweiyi was invented by President Xi Jinping in 2017 as part of his campaign to make China a global superpower again by 2050. The idea behind weiyi is that you can use it to send your friends gifts or share happiness with them, even if they’re far away from you!

The word “iweiyi” means “friendship” in English.

The word “iweiyi” means “friendship” in English. It is celebrated on the 22nd day of February and it’s also known as “jumping into the fire.” The festival was created by people who believed that jumping into fire will bring good luck and prosperity.

The legend goes like this: A long time ago, there was a man named Zhuang Zhongtian who lived in China. He had been very rich but he lost everything when his wife died suddenly one day without leaving any money behind for him or his children (this happened because she had no heirs). In order to survive, he decided to marry another woman named Wu Yiying who was younger than him with little money herself but still willing to help out!

These envelopes symbolise good fortune and prosperity for the upcoming year.

The weiyi festival is celebrated on the 22nd day of February, also known as “sending gifts” or “sending melon seeds.” In China, this holiday has come to mean both sending and receiving gifts. According to popular legend, during this time it’s believed that parents will be able to see their children’s future spouses in their dreams and even know what they’re going to buy for them before it happens! So if you’re planning on sending your loved ones some goodies from abroad this year but would like an extra boost in luck along with them, then why not consider making some envelopes? These symbols are perfect for expressing yourself during this special time period as well as adding a little bit of whimsy into your celebrations—no matter how big or small!

According to Chinese culture.

According to Chinese culture, it is customary for the whole family to eat together. During this meal, the hostess will serve traditional foods such as melon seeds, orange and chocolates.

The meal is usually followed by a game of mahjong. The game of mahjong is played between two players who sit across from each other on either side of a table with four tiles arranged in pairs facing up: one pair with markers (called “gong”), one pair without (called “shi”). The goal is for each player to use his or her own set of tiles and move them all around so that they match up with those on their opponent’s side.

Traditional foods such as melon seeds, orange, chocolates, candies.

Iweiyi is a traditional Chinese festival celebrating friendship and good fortune. It is celebrated on the 22nd day of February every year. It’s an opportunity to show your friends how much you care about them, while at the same time spreading happiness around your community and family.

The celebration of weiyi dates back thousands years ago when people lived together in villages or townships where everyone knew each other by name. This meant that if one person was sick, those who lived close by would come visit him/her until his/her health improved again before going back home with gifts for others who were also feeling unwell during this period!


We hope that you are able to share this festival with your friends and family, as well as celebrate it with them. We wish you a happy Iweiyi!

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

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