How to Select Healing Stones for Your Purpose

Healing stones are a wonderful addition to any life, but how do you know which to choose?

Mind, body, and spirit cannot be separated or broken into parts. An imbalance of energy in one area can easily impact the others. Choosing stones to be balanced means having to consider all three areas.

Let’s explore some of the things you should consider when choosing healing stones for your personal collection.

Consider Your Intention

Consider your intention prior to selecting healing gemstones to ensure the perfect fit of stone to purpose.

Begin the selection process by setting a clear and concise intention. Consider if the stone should ground, cleanse, bring in new energy, or focus on a particular chakra.

Research and Learn About Gems

Researching and learning about gems before selecting healing stones can help you make the most of the energy of the stones for your purpose.

Researching helps to learn about the properties and characteristics of different kinds of gems and crystals that can be beneficial to your needs.

Those who look for Kunzite healing properties can benefit from its heart-opening vibrations and its ability to balance emotions. Kunzite can also help to alleviate stress while assisting in the healing of grief and sorrow.

Learning more about gems also gives you an idea of a few stones that you might need and how to mix and match stones to create a beneficial healing crystal combination.

Select the Colors That Resonate With You

Colors have energetic and symbolic meanings and can be used to invoke certain qualities or intentions. Ask yourself what quality or intention you wish to invoke and select the colors that correspond to your needs.

Choose colors that make you feel comfortable and energized. A bright, saturated color can indicate joy or increased energy, while a lighter color can indicate tranquility or calm.

You may also take into consideration the chakra that you wish to align with, and look for stones that correspond to the associated chakra color.

Employ Divination Methods to Select Stones

Divination methods allow intuitive insight driven by your spiritual connection to the stones. One of these methods is to shut your eyes and hold unlabeled stones in your hands, one at a time, and sense or feel the energy or vibrations of each.

Other methods of stone selection include hematite pendulum, tarot reading, dowsing rods, and runes. Try asking the stones questions, such as what do I need to work on currently? What am I lacking? Which stone best balances my vibration?

Try picking whichever stones feel most aligned with your vibrational needs. Other ways to select stones include noticing which stone stands out to you when gazing into a crystal shop, or picking a stone that intuitively catches your eye while walking in nature.

Select the Perfect Healing Stones Now

Healing stones are powerful tools that can help provide many beneficial effects. Choose stones that speak to you, and for the purpose, you seek to serve.

With a little research and contemplation, these beautiful stones can be found in abundance, and a special connection can develop with stones fondly chosen. Tap into your spiritual muse, and harness their help to aid your journey.

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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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