How to Reset Your Life and Reignite Your Fire

Are you craving a fresh start in life?

Perhaps you’re struggling to achieve your goals and dreams and it’s looking increasingly likely that they’re out of your reach. Or maybe you’ve been in an unfulfilling career for far too long and you want to pursue something different that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Whatever that’s causing you to feel that way, it helps to know that you can always start over again. But you need to know how to go about it.

Read on to learn how to reset your life successfully and find a new purpose.

Take Stock of What Went Wrong

Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish theologian, once observed that although life must be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards. There couldn’t be a more apt situation to apply this adage than when you’re thinking of starting over in life.

Therefore, before you gather the pieces and forge a new way forward, it’s prudent to take a seat and figure out what went wrong. Where did the rain start beating you?

Taking stock of your past will enable you to identify mistakes you may have made and opportunities you may have missed or wasted along the way. Moving forward, you’ll be careful not to repeat those mistakes and you’ll be in a better position to spot and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Now that you’ve accounted for the past, you can begin defining what you want in your new life.

Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row

Financial troubles are often a leading reason why people keep yearning for a fresh start in life – and it’s easy to see why. The average American is carrying over $90,000 in consumer debt, and about 40 percent are struggling to pay their bills on time.

Although not all debt is bad, if you’re unable to service your loans, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The burden of debt can make you wish to disappear to a new planet where you owe no one any money.

Getting your finances in order is key when you want a fresh start. Depending on your specific financial circumstances, this may mean paying off your debt or at least creating a new debt management plan that’s manageable.

In some cases, it can mean filing for bankruptcy. It can feel like a humiliating process, but it can help discharge some of your debts and give you an opportunity for a fresh financial start.

Even if you’re not in debt, reorganizing your finances can help you attain more financial freedom. Perhaps you may need to reduce your expenses and increase your savings. Or you may want to get another job to boost your monthly income.

Just as important as getting your finances in order is increasing your financial literacy. Learning how to draw a budget, plan for retirement, and find good investment products is key to leading a financially successful life.


The craving for a fresh start in life is one of the top reasons to move – and with good reason.

Your physical environment plays a big role in shaping the life you have today. Features of a physical environment, such as weather and climate, socioeconomic factors, and even geopolitical factors all combine to influence human growth and development.

Regardless of the nature of your environment, you’re bound to grow tired of it after some time. The inherent spirit of adventure that’s deeply engrained in humans will push you into wanting and seeking a different environment.

This is why relocating can be all you need in your quest to reboot your life.

Maybe you’ve lived in a region that experiences the longest, harshest winters for a long time. Moving to a region with a sunnier climate will bring you much-needed environmental change. And with that, you’ll find new hobbies and passions, such as boating and fishing.

Maybe you’ve lived in the city for as long as you can remember. Big cities have big opportunities, but they’re concrete jungles where life never stops. Moving to the countryside where there’s calm and quiet can open a new chapter in your life. Countryside living can spur new passions in you, such as farming and hunting.

Do Something About Your Job

60 percent of workers in the U.S. are unhappy with their jobs. 20 percent are downright miserable.

If we’re being frank: nobody loves going to work. But you must earn a living, so you have no choice. However, being unhappy about your job or profession is a recipe for trouble. Your mental health will take a beating, your performance will decline, and your employer won’t be too happy about it.

If your job is making you miserable, it’s time to do something about it. Your next course of action will depend on what exactly about the job is making you unhappy.

For example, if the workplace is toxic, perhaps your job isn’t the problem. Quitting and finding a new job in an organization with a friendly workplace can give you the fresh start you need.

If it’s your profession you hate, changing jobs won’t help much. Switching careers is the best medicine. Just be sure that the new profession aligns with your passions.

How to Reset Your Life Made Easier

New beginnings are alluring, but it takes effort and even pain to start life afresh. With this guide on how to reset your life, you now have ideas on the steps you can take. But whether resetting your life means packing everything and moving to a new country or you just need to make a simple change like switching jobs, be keen not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Last Updated on April 4, 2023

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