How to Read a Human Design Chart Like a Professional

If you’ve ever wondered how to read your human design chart, you are not alone!

Access to all kinds of knowledge makes us more curious than ever. That curiosity includes the examination of our DNA and karmic purpose.

Human design is a metaphysical study that takes these aspects of our lives and makes sense of them. To read your human design, you need to know how. Keep reading this guide to learn how to read human design chart.

What is a Human Design Chart

It is a complex and intricate system that combines astrology, Kabbalah and chakras. To fully understand and utilize this system, one must learn how to read a Human Design chart like a professional. Since the chart is created based on your birth details (similar to a natal chart in astrology), human design is arguably most akin to astrology as a system.

How to Read a Human Design Chart

Reading a human design chart can seem overwhelming and complicated, but anyone can learn to read it like a professional with practice and guidance. 

Energy Types

This serves as the chart’s core component. The five energy forms are as follows:

  • manifesto
  • generator
  • manifesting generator
  • projector
  • reflector

This makes up energetic auras. Knowing your energy type will reveal a lot about your innate traits. This will help put the other aspects of your chart into context.


This refers to how a person is supposed to make decisions and interact with the world. The most common Strategies in Human Design are “to respond” and “to wait and respond.” To understand which Strategy applies to a person, look at the open or undefined centers on their chart.

If the Emotional Center is undefined, the individual’s Strategy is to wait and respond. If the Sacral Center is unclear, they should react.

Not-Self Theme

This refers to how we behave and energetically operate when not aligned with our true essence. The NotSelf Theme can be found in the lower half of the chart, specifically in the Gate numbers and activation arrows. Focusing on these elements can better understand one’s personal conditioning, fears, and unconscious patterns.

A professional Human Design reader would be able to interpret these aspects with sensitivity and offer guidance on how to release them and live in alignment with one’s true self. This can ultimately lead to a more fulfilled and authentic life.

Inner Authority

Inner authority is the process by which individuals decide and navigate their lives based on their unique, energetic blueprint. To identify one’s inner authority on a human design chart, look for the symbol representing the individual’s defined center.

Depending on the center, the inner authority can be emotional, sacral, splenic, or even projected from others. It must learn about the characteristics of each inner authority and how it influences decision-making. Reading a human design chart with a thorough understanding of inner authority can significantly enhance self-awareness and personal growth.

Energy Centers

These centers represent different areas of our lives and show us where we hold consistent energy and where we are prone to conditioning. The first step is locating the other chart centers and understanding their purpose. Next, observe if they are defined (colored in) or undefined (white), indicating where we have consistent energy flow and where outside forces may influence us.

Then, one can analyze the interplay between these centers and how they affect each other. By diving deep into the nuances of each center, a professional can gain a comprehensive understanding of a person’s unique energy blueprint and provide insights for personal growth and development.


Regarding Profiles, there are two possible combinations that represent the different archetypes of human behavior. The first number in the human profile denotes the personality type. The second number represents the subconscious or underlying motivation.

Attention to these numbers can provide insight into an individual’s default way of operating and their innate desires. Additionally, considering the placement of the Profile Gates and Channels in the chart can offer a deeper understanding of how these personalities manifest in different areas of life.


These areas on the chart represent different aspects of our being, such as personality traits, skills, and potential challenges. There are 64 Gates, each with its unique name and number. Familiarizing oneself with each Gate and its corresponding qualities is essential to interpreting the chart accurately.

Additionally, recognizing the connections and patterns between the Gates is crucial in understanding a person’s overall design. Reading a Human Design chart like a professional requires patience, practice, and a thorough understanding of the significance of Gates.


Channels in human design refer to the flow of energy between two or more connected centers in the body graph. These channels represent specific strengths, challenges, and potential traits of an individual. To read these channels accurately, one must pay attention to the colored lines that connect the centers in the chart and understand their unique meaning.

Additionally, it is crucial to analyze the activated and defined channels as they reveal a person’s dominant themes and characteristics. A professional reader must also consider the open channels, which indicate areas of potential growth and areas that may feel undefined for an individual.

By studying the channels in detail, one can read a human design chart like a pro and gain deep insights into an individual’s unique energy pattern.

Planetary Symbols

These symbols represent the positions of different planets at the time of an individual’s birth and play a crucial role in understanding their unique Human Design. It is essential to understand the qualities and characteristics associated with each planet, such as the Sun representing our inner essence and the Moon expressing our emotions.

By studying these symbols and their meanings, a professional can gain deeper insight into an individual’s unique Human Design and provide valuable guidance on aligning with their true self. With the help of Projector Human Design, you can get your very own chart.

Understanding How to Read Human Design Chart

In conclusion, understanding how to read human design chart can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can read a chart like a professional. Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential and explore your human design chart today!

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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