How To Get Something Out of Your Eye

How to get something out of your eye? As you know the human eye is a very delicate part of the body. Any foreign object in the eye cause irritation and discomfort. The foreign object can be a dust particle, eyelash, or any other. It is necessary to remove the foreign object safely without causing harm to the eye. Any false step or negligence can cause an eye problem. In this article, you will be completely guided on how to get something out of your eye.

Examine the Situation

Before removing foreign objects from your eye, first access the situation. If a large or sharp particle is stuck into your eye and you are having pain then go for medical treatment. 

How To Get Something Out of Your Eye

If a small particle is stuck then follow these steps to remove it.

  • Before touching your eye, wash your hands with water or soap.
  • Flush the object with clean water. 
  • Don’t rub your eye. 
  • Don’t use any sharp thing to remove the particle out of the eye.  
  • If you are wearing contact lenses then remove the lens before removing the foreign object.  

 How to look the foreign object?

To check where the object is stuck in the eye, follow these steps. 

  • Open your eye. You might see the object on your eyeball. Make sure the light is enough when you are examining the eye.
  • Pull your lower lid down at look carefully.
  • Lift your upper lid and look carefully.

By following these steps. You will be able to find the foreign object.

Flush Out Your Eye

To remove foreign particles, sometimes you need to flush out your eye. In the following conditions you need to flush out:

  • If the particle won’t come out
  • If a chemical gets into your eyes
  • If there is more than one particle in your eyes

Many household chemicals can hurt your eye. These are bleaching, dishwashers, detergents, fertilizers, and drain cleaners. If such chemicals hurt your eye then follow these steps.

Wash your eyes with saline solution. If you are wearing contact lenses then take them off immediately. They may further cause harm to your eye. After that call on your local poison center for further guidelines. You may need to carry the chemical with you so that the poison expert can tell you what the chemical is. 

Need for Help

You need medical treatment if the following conditions occur:

  • A dangerous chemical gets into your eyes.
  • Something has punched in your eyes.
  • If the foreign particle has pierced your eye.
  • Specks of dirt get into your eyes.
  • If bleeding occurs in your eyes.
  • If you feel something in your eyes even after removing the particle. 
  • Your vision becomes blurred.
  • You feel difficulty in closing your eyes or your eyes don’t close. 

Prevention for Future

You need some precautionary measures to prevent such conditions in the future.

  • Use glasses while doing such activities that could cause exposure of your eyes to foreign particles.
  • Avoid too much rubbing of your eyes as this can harm your eye.
  • Use contact lenses only when necessary with complete precautions. 
  • Work in a clean and dust-free environment.
  • Use fewer makeup products.
  • Avoid using expired makeup products.
  • Practice good hygiene.


Having some foreign particles in your eyes is very uncomfortable. Then how to get something out of your eye? Well, using the right techniques you can remove foreign particles from your eye. If this is a small particle then you can remove it at home. But if it is some dangerous material or you are unable to remove the particle at home then go for medical treatment. But during this situation, you need to keep calm because any slight ignorance or a false step can cause more damage to your eye. 

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Last Updated on July 2, 2023

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