How to Draw Lips with Easy Method | Realistic!

Drawing face is a pretty good part but in the face, eyes, and lips drawing is challenging. So, here in this article, we will teach you how to draw lips that look realistic. We will cover the drawing of eyes in a later article.  

First, you need a sharp pencil. We recommend you to draw lips or any drawing and put an eraser near to you so you can easily erase any of your mistakes and redraw them as many times as you want.

So, let’s talk about how to draw lips with an easy method to impress your audience.

How to draw lips:

How to Draw Lips with Easy Method | Realistic!

You should be able to draw 3d designs of lips to impress your audience. Foer drawing realistic lips the method is quite simple.

You don’t have to be an expert hand or a professional artist in drawing to draw realistic lips. Just follow the below steps and be ready to impress other people with your awesome 3d lips drawing!

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1. Use HB pencil to draw two corners with thin light lines making a horizontal line.

2. Now, draw a vertical line of the same length as a horizontal line from the center.

3. Now you will see a light shape of a graph.

4. Now start drawing the upper part of the lips, “V” shape before the end of the upper corner of a vertical line.

5. After drawing V shape, draw the below part of lips. Make sure, to start drawing before the end of the below corner of the vertical line.

6. Connect the right side of the “V” shape to the right corner vertical line and the left side to the left corner.

7. Now give the graph a look of lips. Bend the ends of the horizontal line a little bit.

8. Now it’s time for shading. The most important thing for people who are asked how to draw lips is shading. Shading is the most difficult and the most important part of any drawing. First, erase the extra lines of lips which we have drawn to get the exact shape of lips.

9. Now start the shading in the up and down direction very lightly. Make sure that you start up and down shading technique from the end of the lines.

10. Now with a small smooth brush, rub the painting slightly to clear formatting.

11. Now, start shading the upper lip and now move the pencil up and down in a “V” shape from the center of the upper lip and then slightly get straight up and down shape at edges of the upper lip.

12. Make sure that the center of the lips is shaded heavily. This will give a realistic look to your drawing.

13. Now, use the smooth brush to clear formatting and to mix up shading in the lips. Be carafe=ul when you use a brush. Avoid rubbing brush in the center of lips because it can destroy the lightened part of lips.  

14. Now, the texture is the last and very important step. Texture gives a next-level look to your shading. Provide texture below the lips to get a 3d shape.

15. You can also highlight the lightened area of lips with white color.

Now, you have to know how to draw lips that look realistic. You can also draw the below part of the nose to get a more effective and realistic look for lips.

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Make sure after drawing the below part, you have given a good texture and shading to these parts. Also, rub these parts slightly with a brush to make shading equal.

If you want a video tutorial then you can watch this video:

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Last Updated on August 23, 2023

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