Choose Cuevana3 To Watch Movies in Spanish

Why choose traditional movie sites for movie streaming if you have cuevana3 to watch movies in Spanish? Most of the sites feature content in Spanish, but the interesting thing is that you can watch all the available movies with subtitles and Spanish dubbed. 

The site is different from traditional movie streaming platforms and you can watch Spanish dubbed content on cuevana3 like katmoviehd which offers Hindi dubbed movies. 

In this article, I will show you why this website differs from other platforms and how it can be beneficial to choose this site for movie streaming. 


Cuevana3 is a Spanish video streaming platform where you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows made in Spanish and dubbed in Spanish language. Hollywood movies are available in the original language and also in Spanish Dubbed. The interesting thing is that when you click on a movie, you will see more than 1 player on the page. 

The first player plays the original movie, the second plays with subtitles, and the third player is specified for Spanish dubbed. 

The .eu domain and different interface. You will only see a single player but you have more than 1 server options to play a movie. All servers have HD results. 

The site is online since October 1, 2009. The site’s age is now 14 years. Mario Cardosio, David Fernández, and Tomás Escobar are the founder of this site.

What makes it so special?

Cuevana3 is different from traditional movie streaming websites. First of all, the site is 14 years old and has a great reputation in the online streaming community. 

Also, the site is completely free to use. There is no watch limit on this site which can disturb the movie streaming experience. You can watch unlimited movies on the site.

You can also download movies on this website. The site has redirects when you click on a movie player. I have written the downloading procedure below which you can read. 

All the movies available on the site are high quality and available with Spanish subtitles. If you speak Spanish then this is one of the best websites for you where you can watch movies with Spanish subtitles for free. 

The site’s interface is simple and good. The default theme is dark which is good for eye protection

You can search for the desired movie in the search bar. If you are not sure what to watch then you find filter movies by genre. You can also see the details of a movie, author, director, production company, cast, duration, and IMDB rating when you click on a movie.

Make sure to install an adblocker extension before you visit cuevana3 official website.

How to download movies from cuevana3?

Find your desired movie and once you get it, click on the movie. Now, click on the play button and you might see a new tab which is an annoying redirect. Ignore and close the tab and return back to the player. Your movie will start loading. Now, you can see some options about the player in the below right corner within the player. Here you will see the downloading icon as shown in the below image:

downlaod button

Click on this button and you will see some options to select. Select any downloading options and you will be redirected to a new page. Here you will see a downloading option like this:

download file example

Click on download and your file will start downloading. In the meantime, you can watch this movie and choose another movie to download. 

Hope this guide helps you a lot in downloading movies from cuevana3. Make sure to checkout the rest of our blog.

Last Updated on October 16, 2023

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