How to Choose the Safest Infant Car Seat and Stroller in 2024

If you have an infant, you can’t afford to skimp on quality when it comes to car seats and strollers. You want to keep your kiddos safe and secure when you’re in transit. That means putting in the time to research the best options available. 

Read on to learn how to choose the safest infant car seat and stroller in 2024!

Look at the Latest Infant Safety Requirements

Finding the safest car seats means looking at the latest recommendations. Organizations like the American Association of Pediatrics will provide the best input on what’s safe. Be sure to start there when you’re on the hunt for a seat or stroller.

You can also check out for the latest guidance on ensuring a safe ride for your kids. Car seat manufacturers should be touting the safety features of their latest products, as well. 

Likewise, with strollers, you should evaluate features like the harness, clips, and brakes. Look for a five-point harness for optimal infant safety. Choose a stroller that offers stability with a wider wheelbase.

Strollers also come with guidelines for weight and height. If you’re getting a stroller for a newborn, they’ll need to be lying flat. They don’t have the neck stability to keep their heads elevated yet. 

Consider Different Types of Car Seats

With car seats, you can find some that are suited to a particular stage, such as infancy. But you also can find convertible seats that can grow with your child. All seats will have stated weight or size limits that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

In general, you’ll need to provide some sort of seat assistance until your child turns 12. So, you might want a car seat that can last through several stages.

Convertible car seats can last until your baby hits 30 pounds. That means you won’t need to think about upgrading your seat at a certain point. You’ll want to keep the seat rear-facing for as long as possible, however, so make sure the seat will fit in your car as your child grows.

You can put newborns in convertible seats, though infant seats are a better fit. They’re also less bulky. With a convertible seat, you’ll need to be extra mindful of the seat settings as your baby grows.

You also can find separate infant and toddler car seats. Infant seats are tailored to fit smaller babies more effectively. They also can be removed and attached to strollers, so you’ll want to find a stroller and seat that are compatible. 

Once your child hits the infant seat weight limit, you’ll need to upgrade to a toddler seat. You can find these seats in forward-facing options. 

Check Different Types of Strollers

Not all strollers are alike, and you’ll need to find one that fits your needs. Whether you’re planning more long walks or trips to the supermarket may impact your choice. 

If portability is your goal, umbrella strollers make the most sense. They’re not heavy, and they fold up easily to fit in a back trunk. They’re also convenient if you’re a frequent traveler. 

Standard full-size strollers are a good baseline choice. Featuring a canopy, storage, and cupholder, you’ll have a complete ride for your little one. 

Jogging strollers are a good option if you’re hoping to go for runs or long walks with your infant. With this type of stroller, you’ll find a strong frame and good suspension that can stand up to gravel trails and cracks in the road. Many of these strollers feature comfortable seats with UPF fabric to provide shade and protection. 

Convertible strollers can change form depending on the age of your little one. They can be prams for newborns. But then they can become strollers once your child becomes a toddler. 

Factor in Ease of Cleaning

With strollers and car seats, you can expect a mess. While they might not be too bad when your child is a baby, they’ll start to accumulate crumbs and stains as your child grows.

That’s why buying a car seat or stroller with washable parts can make sense. You can find seats made from durable materials that won’t be as prone to staining. You’ll just be able to use a wipe to remove extra debris.

Other options will have machine-washable seat covers. If maintaining a more pristine seat is a priority, consider choosing one where you can remove the inserts for a more thorough cleaning.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider your budget when you’re shopping for infant car seats and strollers. After all, you’ll be buying diapers, toys, and food for a baby, all of which cuts into your budget.

Most car seats will cost at least $200. And strollers, too, can cost hundreds of dollars when you look at options with more bells and whistles. Features like better storage, rugged frames, and trays can send prices higher in a hurry. 

You can save money by looking at used options at garage sales or online platforms. But especially when it comes to car seat options, this can be tricky. That’s because car seats come with an expiration date, and you’ll need to be sure what you’re buying is still safe.

Used strollers come with less risk. But you’ll still want to look closely at the wheels, frame, and locks. If anything looks overly worn, steer clear of it.

For some parents, used options won’t be options. If you’re concerned about unknown levels of wear and tear, you might not want to risk getting a used car seat. After all, you won’t know if the car seat has been in even a minor car accident. 

Choose the Best Infant Car Seat and Stroller

The best infant car seat and stroller will be safe and secure for your little one. Make sure your selections conform to the latest safety guidance. Look at features, like style and length of use, that can help you gain the most from your investment. 

Get more tips to keep your family safe. Come back soon to find fresh and informative articles!

Last Updated on March 8, 2024

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