How to Choose the Best Business Card Printing Paper

Did you know that small business owners overwhelmingly prefer to use standard business cards?

So, if you’re starting your own small business, choosing to use a standard card size is a smart idea. You can use one of the many standard business card templates available online to design your business card, and it should look great!

Remember that your business card is your main calling card for your company. It represents you, your business, and your brand.

To ensure you choose the perfect business card printing paper, here are a few tips on paper types and textures you should look out for.

Consider Your Printing Needs

When choosing paper for business card printing, your needs must be taken into account. It’s important to consider the type of printer you’ll be using. Depending on your choice, different paper may be more appropriate.

Laser printers, for example, work best with heavyweight cardstock. Inkjet printers may require more lightweight paper. Keep in mind that different types of paper may also be more suited to certain designs and styles.

For example, glossy cardstock may be better for a minimalist or modern logo, while textured cardstock may be advantageous for a more traditional design. It may also be beneficial to factor in the amount of use of your cards. Business cards with a lot of contact information may be better suited to a thicker, more durable paper. 

Analyze Your Printer’s Specifications

You will want to check what type of paper it prints on, the optimum paper thickness, and the interface type. By considering your printer’s specifications, you can select the best paper suited for the job.

For instance, if your printer uses an inkjet interface, you may want to select higher quality business card paper. But if your printer is laser based, you will want to select business card material compatible with that. Additionally, you should also consider the resolution that your printer will be able to handle and choose printing paper accordingly.

If you have any doubts, consult with the manufacturer to determine what types of paper will best suit your printer. You may also consider to have it printed by a professional from New Era Print Solutions.

Compare Cost and Quality

Quality can be determined by the type of paper and cardstock used. For example, if the paper is too thin or flimsy it may not present a professional image. On the other hand, heavier and thicker cardstocks generally convey authority and credibility.

Considering business card printing paper costs, it is important to balance the quality with a reasonable price. Do some online shopping to get an idea of the market price and then compare prices from different companies.

Additionally, check reviews to find out what other people think of the product. With these factors in mind, it is possible to find the best business card printing paper that offers good quality at a reasonable cost.

Choosing the Right Business Card Printing Paper

The right business card printing paper plays an important role in design and quality. With the extensive range of options available, understanding your budget, desired design, and finishing touches will help determine which stock is best for you.

Determine the right paper for you and make a lasting impression with help from a professional printing service. Get started now!

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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