How tall was Jeffrey Dahmer? Age, Killings, and Death

Have you ever wondered How tall was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most gruesome and notorious serial killers ever to live in this mysterious world. Serials Killers are very difficult to understand which makes it challenging to understand their working patterns and to catch them. 

Well, many cases of serial killers are unsolved like The Zodiac Killer but Jeffrey Dahmer is not one of them. He was arrested and all the details about him are now public. 

These details include mugshots, polaroids (extremely graphic), photographs of the crime scene, his height, etc. 

Here in this article, we will talk about the height of Jeffrey Dahmer, his killing patterns and stories, and his interview when he got arrested. 

How tall was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s height was recorded during his mugshots after he got arrested. He was exactly 6 ft tall or 72 inches or 182.88 centimeters. In his prison mugshot, it is clear that he was exactly 6 feet tall. You can see the mugshot here:

jeffrey dahmer mushot
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Here is another picture that shows his height:

jeffrey dahmer mushot

How did he choose his victims?

Jeffrey Dahmer also known as Milwaukee monster was born in America in 1960. Throughout his criminal career, he killed 17 people. All these were male. Jeffrey was just 18 when he killed a male for the first time. 

All his victims were male He was a gay sex offender who first hangout with his victims, have sex with them, and then drugged him to kill them easily. 

Steve Mark hicks was a hitchhiker and also the first victim of Dahmer. Jeffrey killed him after three weeks after his graduation. 

Jefferey used to see Steve daily during walks and got sexually aroused towards steve. One day, he lured 19 years old Steve Mark hicks to his house for a drink. After having a good time together for some hours, Steve decided to go home now. Jeffrey was not agreed so he hit his head with a 10 lb barbell when Steve was wearing his jacket. He knocked him and hit him multiple times until he died.

After cutting him into pieces, he put those remains in trash bags and put them into his car. He went to the waste site at the night but a cop stopped him to know that he is out of the home late at night. He became successful in hiding the truth by giving false statements about the situation. 

After the first successful kill, he started to kill more people. He used to visit gay bars to hire someone as a prostitute and take them home for having s*x. 

He then drugged each person and strangle them to death. 

Age and Death:

Jeffrey was 34 years old when he died. He died in a homicide. He was completing his life sentence in jail when his mate Christopher Scarver hit him and Andreson multiple times with an iron rod.

He was still alive at that time but got head injuries so the staff took him to the hospital for proper treatment but he died. 

There are many other serial killers with more than 100 kill counts like Javed Iqbal. Although Jeffry has killed only 17 people, he is still considered one of the worst serial killers in history. He is also one of the well know serial killers. 

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Last Updated on March 29, 2023

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