How long do idiots live 12 15 – Meme or Criticism?

Well, if you are active on social media and take an interest in intelligence, knowledge, and fun-related content, then you might have seen “How long do idiots live 12 15” memes on social media during scrolling posts. 

Whether you know about this meme or not, it’s important to know about the impact on the victims (people for those the meme is created) and what are the possible consequences. 

So, let’s have a look at this meme if you don’t know about this much.

How long do idiots live 12 15 Meme:

The Internet is full of memes. The How long do idiots live 12 15 is not a single meme that emerged recently. There have been many other memes throughout the internet like why were chainsaw invented that has gained a lot of attention. 

How long do idiots live memes became a meme when a person googled this query and Google answered “12 to 15”

Actually, the meme originated from the fact but it became a meme when Google answered the exact answer to the search query

The search was done in 2021 it became a meme at that time but it got popularity again in 2022 and now.

Meme or Criticism?

Well, there is a difference between a meme and a joke. A joke could be general but memes go specific. In this case. The meme points attention to stupid people. 

Do you know how long idiots live? No, I am not joking! It is an authentic question and the answer is also available according to scientific research.  

Although, Google mistakenly answered 12 to 15 and then he never answered that same answer but science has proved that most stupid people die prematurely. The average lifespan of a stupid person is 12 to 15.

Now let’s talk about Stupid. 

I am not completely pointing to crazy people. Actually, we have misused this term Stupid is a low IQ level category. The general IQ is around 90 to 100 while the IQ less than 60 is considered extremely low. Those people are known as Stupid.  

Although this is a meme it can still destroy the sentiments of stupid people or the people who are called stupid by their friends family and surroundings cause those people are being pointed in this meme. 

Somehow it feels like a criticizing statement. It would be better to stay away from such memes. 

Scientific Research on Stupid’s life span:

If you leave the meme behind and focus on the scientific point of Stupid people’s lifespan we come to know that it is proven that people with low IQ tend to die sooner than people with higher IQ. 

Scientists conduct experiments on 8 thousand low-IQ people in different phases and groups. The results were shocking. People with low IQ tend to die sooner than people with higher IQ. 

I am not here to scare teh hell out of you if you have a low IQ but I am giving you the results that scientists have concluded from research. 


It is always good to stay away from these kinds of criticizing memes as these memes can hurt the sentiments of other people. It is important to consider every human equal. Every person is different and has different intelligence, qualities, and abilities. So be good to everyone in order to get good.

Also, stop spreading these kinds of memes like how long do idiots live 12 15 on social media. And never encourage these memes owners by reacting to their memes. 

Last Updated on July 26, 2023

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