Gift ideas for people who love stationery

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new pen in your hand, a fancy shiny paper in your work bag, and a new notebook ready for you to fill. This is true whether you’re an avid journaler or just excited about the possibility of taking notes on thick marble paper. If you’re getting someone a gift and want to go the extra mile, here are some suggestions for the stationery lovers in your life.

1.  Paper Notebook

We know that notebook is a stationery staple, but when your friend or family member is hard to buy, pick out their favorite one. It could be branded like Moleskine or Field Notes or whichever color they prefer. Many brands make limited edition covers for holidays, too!

2.  Business stationery

If you’re getting your colleague a gift, pick out some business stationery. Fancy business cards can cost around $5 for a pack of ten and are excellent small gifts. Although they aren’t as individual as a pen or notebook, they’re still a great way to put a personal touch on your friend’s work.

3.  Pen

What is a better gift there than a pen? There’s a world of options to choose from – gel pens, fountain pens, and ballpoint pens. Fountain pens are great for experienced writers or left-handers, while gel pens are great if you need something smooth and bold. Ballpoint pens are preferred by those who need to make lots of corrections on the go.

4.  Pen case

Perhaps you want to give a gift to someone who likes to take their pens around with them. Did you know that some pens can be costly? If this is the case, it’s a safe idea to get them a pen case. You can match the case’s color to the pen’s body for extra effect.

5.  Pencil set

Getting a pencil set makes sense for someone who is into doodling or sketching. The set will probably have a good range of colors and an excellent sharpener. You can choose from various brands, and some sets may be color coordinated with a pen or pencil.

6.  Ink pads

Many fountain pens only work well with certain inks, but you wouldn’t know this unless you asked your friend! If they have problems finding suitable ink, they could struggle to make their writing look good. If their pen uses fountain pen ink, ask them to pick up a pack of ink pads. The pads will help make the color of the ink more vibrant, allowing the pen to write beautifully with it.

7. Journal

If you’re buying a journal for your friend, it’s a good idea to pick out their favorite one. They’ll appreciate you giving the gift close to their heart, and it will make it feel more personal. If they prefer a small journal or planner, pick out one that fits their daily routine. And don’t forget to check whether they have any extra supplies they need!

8. Eraser

Even if you’re getting your friend a new journal, they will probably need an eraser or two. Erasers can be very expensive, so go ahead and pick out their favorite type. If you’re buying them for a student or someone who loves to draw and write, get a good quality one, especially if you plan to gift it.

9. Collection

If you want to get your friend a gift that they’ll want to use forever, choose a collection of their favorite stationery. For example, if your friend loves fountain pens and notebooks, picking out a kit with both of these would be great. You could even pair them with some ink pads! Or, if they’re the type who loves the feeling of a new notebook cover and bookmark every week, find them the prettiest notebook covers imaginable. You can even pick out your favorite one!

10. Paper goods

Find paper-related items for a friend who has lots of different hobbies. For example, if they love to ski and draw, you could get them a box of carefully selected pencils or a sketchbook. You could also get them an entirely different item but allow them to write on it – perhaps get them some parchment paper kit! If your friend loves stationery, consider their other hobbies when choosing your gift.

11. Journal accessories

If your friend has a favorite journal or planner, and you want to get them a surprise gift, think about some extra accessories. Some people love to carry their journals around with them if they get inspiration at school or work. If the journal is small enough, you could find them a neat little bag to put it in. However, if the journal is too big for that, think about buying them a keychain to attach it to. They’ll never lose their special stationery!

In conclusion, there are many fantastic stationery gifts for anyone who loves pens, pencils, and notebooks. Buying a gift that takes a lot of time and thought is worth the trouble. The recipient will feel special, and you will have done something that works for both of you.

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Last Updated on December 10, 2022

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