57 Amazing Dinosaurs Found in China

In this article, we will discuss 57 amazing dinosaurs found in China. Some of the dinosaurs found in China are well-known. That means, you must hear about some dinosaurs found in China but there are some unique dinosaurs that you have not heard of before.

Dinosaurs Found in China:

Dinosaurs had extinct 66 million years ago. Although some species of dinosaurs survived the extinction event like snakes, sea turtles, ostriches, crocodiles, and especially birds, etc. but most of the dinosaurs have extinct.

If you want to know about the species that survived or relatives of dinosaurs, then click on the link below:

Prehistorical Creatures

Dinosaur fossils have been found all around the world. Not all dinosaurs are found in China but most of the fossils have been found in the deserts of China, North America, and Argentina. We are going to know about the dinosaurs found in China.

So, let’s start with some well-known dinosaurs and so on.

5 Well-Known Dinosaurs found in China:

Below are the 10 most known dinosaurs found in China.


Dinosaurs Found in China

Bellusaurus is one of the most popular dinosaurs found in China. Bellusaurus was from the family of sauropods. Yes, the bellusaurus were also long-necked and big dinosaurs like other sauropods. Its meaning is Beautiful-Lizard because of its beautiful lizard-like structure.

Dong Zhiming was a Chinese Paleontologist who found the fossils of Bellusaurus in 1990. Fossils were found in Shishugou Formation rocks in northeastern Juggar Basin, China.


Dinosaurs Found in China

Microraptor had lived 125-122 million years ago. They had moved on two feet. They were theropods. They eat other insects and dinosaurs.  From our list of dinosaurs found in China, this was a feathered dinosaur. Although it was no bigger it can run fast and also could be capable of flying with the help of its feathers, founded on all four limbs.

The fossils were found by Chinese Paleontologists Xu, Zhou, and Wang in 2000.


Dinosaurs Found in China

Omeisaurus had lived 159-169 million years ago in the Mid Jurassic. They were also from the family of sauropods like bellusaurus. Omeisaurus was a herbivore who ate low shrubby ferns and seed ferns. They had considered it to be 20 meters long.

Omeisaurus are from the dinosaurs found in China whose fossils were discovered by Shaximiao Formation in 1939. Since the discovery was near the mountain Omeishan, Young gave the name Omeisaurus to this dinosaur.


Dinosaurs Found in China

Protoceratops means, “first horned-face”. Protoceratops were herbivores. Protoceratops are also from the dinosaurs found in China. Protoceratops moved on 4 legs like sauropods. Protoceratops had lived 74-70 million years ago. The fossils were discovered in Mongolia, China, and were named by Ganger and Gregory. They had a bony neck frill used to protect themselves from predators.

They had strong teeth and Jaws that were only used to chew plants.


Dinosaurs Found in China

Sinraptor was a theropod who used to walk on two feet. From other dinosaurs found in China, Sinraptor is a dinosaur whose complete fossils have been found. They had lived 169 to 142 million years ago. Their length is considered to be 7.6m.

The first fossils were found in Chinese deserts in 1987 and named by Gao in 1192.

These were the most well-known dinosaurs found in China. The number of complete dinosaurs found in China is 57. Below are the remaining 52 dinosaurs found in China.

  1. Agilisaurus:  A herbivore. Meaning “Agile-Lizard”. Known from its complete skeleton.
  2. Alectrosaurus: A therapod. Means “eagle Lizard”.
  3. Archaeoceratops: Horned face from the dinosaurs found in China.
  4. Archaeornithomimus
  5. Avimimus: Was an omnivore. A small theropod that had been found in Mongolia, China.
  6. Bactrosaurus: Club-Lizard.
  7. Beipiaosaurus: Omnivore. A small theropod that had lived 127-121 million years ago.
  8. Caudipteryx: “Tail-Feather”. An Omnivore who used to walk on two feet and mostly eat insects.
  9. Chaoyangsaurus: 1.1meter tall herbivore who had lived 152-145 million years ago.
  10. Chinshakiangosaurus: Unique from all the dinosaurs found in China by its fragmentary skeleton.
  11. Chungkingosaurus: A dinosaur with spikes on the back.
  12. Confuciusornis: A little theropod. Means “Confucius Bird”
  13. Datousaurus: A sauropod, Known as “Datou Lizard”.
  14. Equijubus
  15. Euhelopus: “1 Marsh Foot”. A sauropod, who have lived 152-142 million years ago. Chaoyangsaurus also lived in that time.
  16. Gasosaurus
  17. Gilmoreosaurus: “Gilmore’s Lizard”
  18. Gobisaurus: An armored dinosaur with a shield on its back to protect itself against predators.
  19. Guanlong: A fast Theropod who was a carnivore. The name means “Crowned Dragon”
  20. Huayangosaurus:
  21. Jingshanosaurus: Known as “Jingshan Lizard”
  22. Jinzhousaurus: “Jinzhou Lizard”
  23. Liaoceratops: Another horned face lizard.
  24. Lufengosaurus: “Lufeng Lizard”
  25. Mamenchisaurus: A very long-neck sauropod.
  26. Microceratus: “Tiny Horned”
  27. Micropachycephalosaurus: Tiny thick-head lizard.
  28. Monolophosaurus: “Single crested lizard”
  29. Mononykus: “Single Claw”
  30. Nanshiungosaurus: One of the large theropod dinosaurs found in China.
  31. Pinacosaurus: “Plank Lizards”. They were armored dinosaurs.
  32. Probactrosaurus: “Before Bactrosaurus
  33. Protarchaeopteryx: A small theropod that had passed 120 million years ago.
  34. Psittacosaurus: Parrot Lizard.
  35. Shantungosaurus: A herbivore with 15 meters in length.
  36. Shunosaurus: Sauropod dinosaurs found in China with 10 meters in length.
  37. Sinocalliopteryx: “Chinese Beautiful Feather”
  38. Sinornithosaurus: “Chinese Bird Lizard”
  39. Sinosauropteryx: “Chinese Lizard Wing”
  40. Sinovenator: A carnivore whose meaning is “Chinese Hunter”, From the predator dinosaurs found in China.
  41. Sonidosaurus: “Sonid Lizard”
  42. Tanius: Lived 89-65 million years ago.
  43. Tarbosaurus: “Alarming Lizard”
  44. Tsintaosaurus
  45. Tuojiangosaurus: “Tuo River Lizard”
  46. Yandusaurus: “Yandu Lizard”
  47. Yangchuanosaurus
  48. Yimenosaurus” Yimen Lizard”
  49. Yingshanosaurus: Another armored dinosaur from the dinosaurs found in China.
  50. Yinlong: “Hidden Dragon”
  51. Yuanmousaurus: “Yuanmou Lizard”
  52. Yunnanosaurus: “Yunnan Lizard”

These all are the dinosaurs found in China. There is a total of 57 dinosaurs found in China. If new fossils discovery will occur, we will update you with them. Hope you enjoyed this article.

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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