Cooking in the Wild: Camp Kitchen Essentials

Interest in camping is high in the U.S. In 2021, for example, RV ownership grew by 2.6 million!

But you don’t need an RV to go camping. The key to a good camping trip is the right equipment. A camp kitchen is an essential collection of items you should own if you camp.

This guide will examine what camp kitchen essentials you need to make your next camping trip worthwhile. Read on to learn what you need to cook like a camp kitchen pro.

Cast Iron Grill

The ultimate camping cooking equipment item has to be a cast iron grill. There are so many ways you can use a cast iron grill when you’re out in the wild. Cast iron grills are easy to set up since they are self-contained cooking devices with tripods.

You can either go old school or choose hot coals to heat your grill. Alternatively, you can choose a simple propane gas set up for quick use. Either way, you’ll be super pleased when you can make yummy stir-fries, morish tacos, or grill up your fresh catch of the day, for example!

Fold Out Kitchen Station

To make your camp cooking extra special, you should consider getting a fold-out kitchen station or table at the very least. This way, you can stand up and chop up all your veggies and meat if needed. 

You’ll also be able to plate up your food correctly since you’ll have the space to do so hygienically. And with most kitchen stations, you’ll have room to store your pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Food Storage Options

If you’re heading out to bear country, it’s wise to get a bear canister to store your meat and other bear favorites if you have it, so you don’t attract the beasts! Also, get yourself a couple of large storage bins, so you don’t have countless plastic bags from shopping stores, making your campsite all messy.

Within your storage bins, it’s a good idea to have Tupperware and zip-lock bags to store your food items. They’ll be handy for keeping your uneaten food fresh for longer.

Kitchen Shelter

We can’t always predict the weather, so it’s worth getting some form of shelter for your campsite kitchen. For example, you could opt for a kitchen tent or a simple tarp to cover your kitchen so you can cook in the rain.

If you go with the tarp option, look for a campsite near trees. You’ll then be able to use a well-positioned tree to put the tarp over your outdoor cooking area.

Camp Kitchen Essentials Explained

We’ve now run through some camp kitchen essentials that should serve you well on your next camping trip. A cast iron grill is one of the most versatile and best camping cooking tools. Then all you need is good food storage and some form of shelter for your outdoor cooking.

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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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