How to Efficiently Farm Honey in Palworld

Welcome, adventurers! In this guide, I’m going to show you the best ways to farm honey in Palworld. Honey is a valuable resource; knowing where and how to get it efficiently can make your gameplay much smoother. There are four key creatures, or “Pals,” in Palworld that can provide you with. Let’s dive into each one and discover the best strategies for farming honey.

1. Cinnamoth

Cinnamoth is the easiest of the four Pals to find and farm honey from. You can locate Cinnamoth on this specific island (refer to your in-game map). The great thing about Cinnamoth is that they are available both day and night. However, while Cinnamoth is easy to find, this method is not the most efficient for farming.

2. Beegrade: The Best Way to Farm Honey

For the most efficient farming, look no further than Beegrade. Catching Beegrade and putting them into your Ranch at your base is the key. Here’s how you can do it:

Locate and Catch Beegrade: You can find Beegrade in various locations. Once you spot them, you need to be quick because they can behave unpredictably, much like a creeper in Minecraft. They might charge at you and explode after a few seconds, so catch them swiftly!


Assign to Ranch: Once you have caught Beegrade, assign them to your Ranch. Ensure you have a Ranch set up at your base.

Honey Production: With Beegrade in your Ranch, you can utilize their unique skill. Sometimes, when assigned to the Ranch, Beegrade will drop honey, making this the most efficient method for farming without constantly searching for other Pals.

3. Elizabee

Elizabee is another Pal that can provide honey; you often find her accompanied by two or more Beegrades. This makes her a great target because you can farm from her and catch more Beegrades to increase your production at your Ranch.

Location: Elizabee is an alpha boss, so she can be a bit more challenging to find and defeat. Keep an eye out for her and the accompanying Beegrades.

4. Warsect

Last but not least is warsect. This Pal is the most difficult to catch among the four. Despite the challenge, War Sect also drops honey, making it a worthwhile endeavor if you need it quickly.

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Farming honey in Palworld can be straightforward if you know where to look and what strategies to use. While Cinnamoth is easy to find, using Beegrade in your Ranch is the most efficient method. Elizabee and War Sect also provide, with Elizabee offering the additional advantage of finding more Beegrades.

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

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