Benefits of Alternative Seating in Classrooms

We all have regular classroom chairs for the children to sit on. Right? Wrong!

There are many benefits of alternative seating in the classroom for children. In fact, many experts recommend it.

So what is classroom seating that is different from what you are accustomed to? Everything from beanbag chairs to swings can be used. And they all have benefits.

Here’s what to know.

Improved Concentration

Students can focus better when they can sit in different ways while learning. Alternatives like wobble stools and standing desks allow them to wiggle and move. While they are working, which can improve the way they retain information.

Sitting can help them avoid distractions and keep their attention on the material. Outside seating, such as bean bags or cushions, can also be used in classrooms. This can help students feel more relaxed and less restricted, allowing them to focus more on the task.

You can also checkout this Hokki wobble stool, which provides stability and mobility and can be used in any classroom.


Alternative classroom seating can have many benefits when it comes to comfort. This can reduce fatigue or discomfort from sitting in a single chair for long periods.

For example, some students prefer to sit or stand, while others may change positions while working. This can help to learn by creating an environment that is more interactive. By including flexible seating options in classrooms, students can learn more comfortably.

Sense of Community

Alternative seating in classrooms can build a sense of community. As the physical layout of the classroom changes, classmates become more likely to socialize with each other.

For instance, having pairs of desks face each other allows for more direct student interaction. A comfortable space where students can move around can encourage them to stay engaged in the lesson rather than think of it as work or school.

The physical arrangement of seating can establish a classroom atmosphere that promotes creativity, open-mindedness, and cooperation. Friendship and collaboration encourage students to perform better. Students become more aware of the feelings of their peers and the general classroom, leading to self-discovery and growth.

Cost Savings

Alternative seating in the classroom can be a great way to save money. When students are able to move around and choose their own seating plan, they take ownership of the environment they are in.

This encourages greater learning potential, reducing the need for extra tools to stimulate learning. It stops the need for costly auditory aids and visual aids as students work with their peers to share knowledge and problem-solve.

Start Using Alternative Seating in Classrooms Today

Alternative seating options create strategies that empower and engage students. They can foster new relationships and create a sense of ownership in their learning.

So why not try out a few alternatives in your classroom? See for yourself the amazing results you can achieve.

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Last Updated on April 20, 2023

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