Ammdefi is Investment Until You Realize It’s A Pyramid Scheme

You might have heard of pyramid schemes, MLM (Multi Level Marketing), network marketing, etc. If you are not familiar with these terms then don’t worry. I will tell you how the ammdefi is based on the Pyramid scheme.

You will see debates, comments, reviews, and personal experiences of users who have invested money in ammdefi and have earned or lost dollars.

This article is beyond those conversations. All you need to know about ammdefi business structure is here. If you’re looking for the answer to the question; is it worth investing in Amm Defi then this article is for you. 

If you understand the basic fundamentals of this business, you can choose whether to invest here or not. 

I am not going to tell you if it is a scam or not but this conversation is beyond those terms.

Before I tell you the business structure of this investment company, let’s have a little introduction.


Ammdefi claims to be a multinational investment company that returns your invested funds and also lets you earn daily profit and commission by referring friends and family. This structure looks casual. 

The procedure is that when you create a new account on the site, you have $3 free in it. You have to deposit at least $60 into it and then start getting your money back with a lot of profit. 

They use artificial bots that will invest your money in various cryptocurrencies and will provide you with 50% profit. 

The main earnings are held with the referrals. If you have referred it to more than 1 friend and all of them have invested money in it, you will get a specific percentage of profit for free for each individual.

Why is it a Pyramid scam?

A pyramid scheme is a type of business infrastructure in which one person is at the top of the pyramid and starts hiring distributors, the distributor is also a consumer. The distributor sells the product of a company to more individuals and refers more people to this business to make money through referral commissions. 

The next referral will make more referrals creating a pyramid shape. These types of businesses are considered as scams. 

In the case of ammdefi the structure is similar. In this case, the product is an investment opportunity. They give you $3 in your free account and require at least $60 to start trading. The more you invest and the more referrals you have, you will be able to set more trades per day hence allowing you to earn more profit each day. 

Their statements are not fake but the fact is that you have to refer more peoples to their business to invest money and then you will start earning commission from your referrals and people you have referred requires more referrals to earn commission creating a nonstop loop. The loop only ends if a person fails to refer more people to this business losing his/her money. 

Should You Invest in ammdefi?

Well, it’s up to you. The people who have earned money through it have said that this is real and they are earning a profit daily. Most of the people have posted negative reviews. These reviews told us that the deposit was held in seconds while withdrawal required 72 hours. 

Sometimes, when you withdraw a big amount, you face issues. If you have to withdraw your amount, you have to withdraw another amount to withdraw both amounts. Sometimes both withdrawals don’t happen resulting in losing your money. 

On the other hand, some people have earned a lot of money through this platform and they face no issue in withdrawal. 

It’s up to you to decide whether you should invest here or not. My opinion is to learn a skill and then work to earn money instead of looking for an easy and fast way to earn money.  

Be cautious when you invest your money by keeping in mind risk management

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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