A Guide to the Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

There is no question that looking fabulous on your wedding day is high on your priority list. However, as every bride knows, picking out a wedding dress is quite a challenging task.

From spending an arm and a leg to finding the best wedding dress styles for your body type and celebration, it can take a lot to put on the perfect catwalk wedding look.

So, are you preparing to tie the knot? If so, keep on reading for the most popular wedding dress styles and how to nail the dress outfit that fits you best!


A-Line wedding dresses have become popular over the years. This classic style of dress flatters most figures and can range from soft and refined to bold and modern. It often has a fitted bodice with the skirt extending outwards.

It is perfect for brides who have a curvier figures but still want a new dress that fits their body type. The A-Line gives an attractive hourglass figure while still offering a slimming, almost slimming appearance and minimal structure to the wedding look.

It can be dressed up with layered trims and beading for a luxe look and can be adapted to any wedding style, from traditional to modern and rustic. 

Ball Gown

It is designed to bring out the romance and grandeur of a traditional wedding. Ball gown wedding dresses are often made of satin or taffeta fabric, with a fitted bodice and full skirt. The skirt has various layers of fabric and intricate detailing, such as ruching, tulle, lace, sequins, and beads.

This style is very versatile and can be customized to give a unique feel to your special day. The ball gown look can be modern, classic, or vintage and is perfect for the bride who wants to make a show-stopping entrance. Its timeless beauty is often the go-to choice for brides and provides the perfect amount of elegance and grace.


This specific style flatters the figure, offers an elegant flare, and exudes sophistication. One of the most popular mermaid dress styles for weddings showcases an exaggerated silhouette, a trumpet shape that moves up and out from the waist to the hem.

The hemline of mermaid dresses is designed to be floor length and comes in a variety of fabrics and trims, from tulle and lace to organza, silk, and satin. Mermaid dresses are the go-to for any bride looking for that memorable, curvy, hourglass shape. Moreover, mermaid dresses are designed to fit any body shape, making them a wardrobe staple for any bride.


The traditional floor-length gown constructs the shape of a woman’s body by using a fitted bodice and full skirt, which comes from the waistline. The classic design features either an off-the-shoulder or sweetheart neckline with a wide natural waist, making it suitable for any figure type. It makes the wearer look sweet, traditional, and stylish.

The design is often accessorized by a lovely tiara, adding a magical choice to the classic. The timeless style of the princess wedding dress will stay in the minds of newlyweds long after the big day. With its combination of grace and glamor, the princess dress is perfect for any romantic bride.


Sheath dresses are slim fitting and usually made of draping fabrics that hug the body and move with ease. The sheath style is thought to be one of the most flattering in all body shapes, from petite to plus sizes. The sheath dress can come in varying lengths, sleeves, and necklines and is decorated with lace, beading, or sequins.

The beauty of this one style is the ability to customize it to the bride’s unique style and body type. The ability to shorten or lengthen the dress allows most body shapes to pull off a classic sheath style. 

Empire Waist

The style is defined as a waistline that begins just below the bust, resulting in a flowing look in the bodice and skirt. The shape highlights and enhances the shape of the body while giving brides a choice to pick a style of dress that flatters their frame.

This style of dress is known for accenting the body’s curves in a graceful way, and its versatility allows for many design options. Empire Waist dresses should be chosen with the bride’s body type in mind, as a dress cut too close to the body can be unflattering. 


Trumpet wedding dresses have become incredibly popular with brides in all parts of the world. The trumpet, also known as the fit and flare, is a dress style that starts fitted at the top and flares out just above the knees, creating a dramatic silhouette.

If you’re looking for stunning dress colors and styles that are sure to turn heads on your wedding day, then you may check Cocomelody wedding dresses wide choice. With a range of classic lace, detailed beading, and flattering tulle, there is a dress style to fit all kinds of brides. 


The high-low also comes with a great deal of versatility. It’s an ideal choice for a bride who wants to show off her beautiful legs while still maintaining a proper level of modesty.

High-low is also becoming increasingly popular in more casual weddings like beach weddings. The free-flowing nature of the dress and the ability to show off the feet can make for a more relaxed look. 

Shift and off Shoulder

The shift and off-shoulder look is all about low-cut necklines and flowing billowy sleeves. It creates a unique balance between an alluring, sensual look and a subtle, sophisticated presence. 

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Styles

No matter your body type, budget, or style preferences, you can find a dream wedding dress. From classic ball gowns to modern mermaids, these popular styles can help you start feeling like a queen on your special day. Now that you know the top wedding dress styles, why not start browsing today?

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Last Updated on April 20, 2023

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