A Guide to the Different Types of Upright Pianos

Although electronic keyboards have become more popular in recent years, the sound of a grand piano has an unparalleled sophisticated flair.

There’s something extraordinary about listening to a performance on an old upright piano. It harkens back to the sounds of days gone past and fills a room with a rich and traditional sound.

Were you unaware of the different types of upright pianos? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s our quick guide on upright piano types and how to use one to enrich your life.

Spinet Piano

When buying a piano, you might want something that is not too overwhelming. If that’s the case, you must check out the spinet piano first.

It’s the shortest and smallest upright piano option, measuring less than 40 inches tall from the top of the lid to the bottom of the instrument. The mechanism has an indirect blow action, meaning the keys use rods to connect them to the action.

They are ideal for confined spaces but may sound less satisfying due to the build of the keys and strings. It’s also quite hard to find since piano brands no longer manufacture them.

Console Piano

A console piano is similar in size to the spinet piano, ranging from 40 to 45 inches tall. It has a non-drop action mechanism that allows the keyboard to hammer directly onto the keys, making the sound quality much more crisp.

Among the different types of pianos, a console piano is one of the best for home pianists or hobby players who enjoy daily playing. It retains sound better and comes in various styles that make beautiful furniture in the living room.

Many also recommend a console piano for beginners or people taking piano lessons since it is affordable. You can also find digital models for this type of upright piano.

Studio Piano

A studio is about four inches taller than a console piano, with a slightly different feel due to its mechanism. It features a full-size action that sits directly on the keys and has a larger soundboard with longer strings.

The added height gives the piano a richer sound, making the quality of each note better than the previous piano options. Moreover, it’s durable and stable.

Besides the console piano, this also works well for beginners or piano players on a budget. It also comes in affordable options, and you can easily find a pre-owned one in the market.

Professional Piano

The tallest upright piano is a professional piano, standing at about 48 inches and higher. It offers full sound quality since it features a large soundboard, rivaling several baby grand piano options.

It maintains a rich tone as long as you keep it well. Additionally, it’s often used in piano schools and by professional players.

Explore The Different Types of Upright Pianos Today

Upright pianos vary in size, function, and cost. If you are looking for a good quality, reliable upright piano to suit your playing style, research your options carefully. Try out different types at a local music store to find the right one for you.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the different types of upright pianos today, and let the music begin!

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Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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