A Guide to the Best Chronic Care Management Software of 2023

Managing chronic conditions may seem simple in the beginning. But, they can turn into a complicated web of medication orders.

Being able to have patients maintain healthy lifestyles is good for them. However, keeping up with important information can challenge medical providers.

Chronic care management software can help. These programs can standardize care among different doctors and facilities. Best of all, they do this in a way that works for patients.

Keep reading to learn more about the best software for chronic care management.

My CarePlanner

My CarePlanner is one of the best software for managing long-term care in 2023. It gives users full, easy-to-use tools to help them handle and keep track of their chronic care needs.

With an easy-to-use layout and data that is easy to get to, it gives you a complete way to manage and track the progress of your chronic care. It gives up-to-date information on treatments and care and makes it easy for doctors and their patients to discuss healthcare plans.


Cura is one of the best software for managing long-term care in 2023 because it has many features and functions. It has easy-to-use interfaces for storing and changing data. It also has a full dashboard with strong analytics to make finding your way around data easier.

The software is connected to several other applications. Examples are electronic medical records (EMRs), health systems, and insurance providers. With this, users can get useful information from a single interface. 

BlueStar Telehealth

BlueStar Telehealth is one of the best chronic care software of 2023. This remote patient monitoring service allows healthcare providers to collaborate with others and ensure the best treatment for patients suffering from chronic illness by providing them with the support they need.

It offers holistic patient-centered programs to ensure patients receive the necessary care and services. The Cloud-based platform allows for automated reminders to track and send patient messages. With this, it can help reduce care delays and enhance patient engagement.

Chronic Care IQ

Chronic Care IQ is one of the best chronic care management programs of 2023. It is made to help doctors and nurses improve their care for people with long-term conditions. The platform uses artificial intelligence to keep track of patient’s health and eliminate key problems that often stop healthcare workers from giving the best care possible.

Its features include automated scheduling, task tracking, e-prescription management, real-time clinical decision support, and remote monitoring. It also can find and examine adverse drug events. 

Microsoft Care Manager

Microsoft Care Manager is one of the best tools for managing long-term care in 2023. This is a powerful cloud-based program that helps companies deal with long-term health problems.

This software makes it easier for organizations to handle patient visits, arrange care between caregivers, and move patients to home care. With this, patients will receive better access to healthcare. 

Empower Your Practice With Cutting-Edge Chronic Care Management Software

Choosing the best chronic care management software for your practice is challenging. Be sure to research thoroughly to find the best match for your needs.

Then, when you’re ready to start using CCM software, make sure you check to see if it works well with the other technologies you already use. Lastly, look at customer reviews and user comments to see how the program is used in the real world.

Now it’s up to you to decide!

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Last Updated on August 4, 2023

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