A Career Guide on How to Become an Artist

Did you know that as of 2021, there were more than 10,000 employed artists in the U.S. alone?

This might sound like a magical career path–and it can be! Becoming an artist can fulfill your expressive needs, make well into middle-class money, and allow you to live any location or way of life that you wish.

However, becoming an artist is also full of hard work, competition, and frustration. Are you wondering how to become an artist? Keep reading to learn more.

Establish a Visual Arts Education

Studying art or visual arts education is a fundamental first step for aspiring artists. Although the creative process is often intuitive, there is a great deal of technical skills to be developed and artistic knowledge to be gained in order to create a career as an artist.

Art courses offered through higher education will provide aspiring visual artists a range of materials and techniques to command attention in the ever-evolving and competitive world of art. Building confidence in their work and value in the art market is key to success.

Utilizing skills honed in the classroom, apprenticeships and internships are beneficial in creating a network of peers, potential sponsors and employers which can highly accelerate a budding artist’s career. 

Prepare an Artistic Portfolio

An artistic portfolio is an essential tool for any aspiring artist. A portfolio provides potential employers with an overview of their skills and the quality of the artwork they create.

To create an artist portfolio, the aspiring artist must first decide which artwork they would like to showcase. They should include a selection of finished pieces such as drawings, paintings, photographs, and digital artwork, as well as sketches, notes, and concept art.

Secondly, they should curate their work into a cohesive portfolio website or printed book to make it easier for employers to view and assess their work. It is also important to consider which formats and sizes best display their artwork.

Artists should also review their portfolio regularly and update it with fresh work. When done properly, a portfolio will give employers an indelible impression of the artist’s talent and creativity.

Develop Your Business Strategies

Start by figuring out what it is that you want to create, who your target market is, and how you want to distribute your art. What medium will you create in? Is it painting, sculpting, or digital illustration?

Choose which you want to focus on, and then research what type of pricing and marketing strategies other artists are doing successfully. Develop a plan for marketing your pieces, and then make sure you are reaching out to the right people to get your art out there.

Search for the Best Suppliers for Your Materials

When looking to become an artist, finding the best suppliers for materials and supplies is essential. To find the best suppliers, ask seasoned artists in your community for advice, both in person and online via art forums.

Networking with suppliers and distributors is also helpful, as they may be aware of a variety of products like where to buy a large box frame, canvas, clay, etc. Compare prices and look up reviews.

Consider looking into international suppliers who may be able to offer you the best prices on materials. Before committing to any supplier, research which ones offer deals and discounts, or even free samples or updates about new materials.

When searching for unique materials, double-check for fair prices and authenticity, as counterfeit materials are widely available online. Visit art galleries and check out materials used by more established artists. Try to connect directly with manufacturers and wholesalers as opposed to retail stores to get the best deals.

Utilizing Social Media to Promote your Work

It is essential for an artist to promote their work both online and in person. Social media is an effective tool to get the word out about your artwork and can be essential for a successful career as an artist.

Utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help spread the word about your work, as well as your brand. When promoting your work through social media, it is important to carefully curate your posts and create quality content that resonates with your audience.

Additionally, showcasing your work to potential clients and followers and consistently engaging with them is key in building a successful career as an artist. Developing an effective social media strategy and constantly updating your accounts with unique content is an important indicator of success.

Engage with other artists and follow industry trends to stay ahead of the game. Social media is an integral part of a successful art career, so take advantage of it!

Expand Your Network of Art Professionals

For any aspiring artist, developing your network of art professionals is a must. Start by joining online and offline groups of artists and art enthusiasts. Also, attending art shows, workshops, and conferences will be beneficial.

In addition, look for opportunities to volunteer or intern artist jobs. It can be at galleries, museums, and other art-related organizations. Having an active presence and meeting other art professionals can expand your network. It will also help you develop your skills along the path to becoming an artist.

As you connect with more people, you’ll be able to start conversations and create professional relationships. It can go a long way in assisting your artistic endeavors. As your network grows and evolves, you’ll be able to boost your contacts and open new opportunities.

Follow This Guide on How to Become an Artist and You Will Find Success in Your Career

An art career is a meaningful and highly rewarding pursuit. It requires hard work, dedication, and honing of one’s creative talents, but the process can be immensely enjoyable.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to become an artist, why not make the first steps today and start your journey?

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Last Updated on April 26, 2023

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