7 Common Mistakes in Business Data Security and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that at least 31% of businesses were attacked at least once a week? Such attacks and breaches could include data theft.

Worse, most organizations think their data security is pretty good. This  means that the companies might not know that their sensitive data is already in the hands of bad actors.

Now what can you do if you’re a business owner? The first step is to identify common mistakes in data security. You can cut how much sensitive data could get stolen from your business without notice.

Keep reading to learn more about the mistakes in business data security you must avoid so you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s data security challenges.

1. Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to access confidential information. They can gain access to essential business data.

To avoid this mistake, businesses should implement a firm password policy. This requires employees to use unique passwords for all business accounts.

The passwords should include at least eight characters. These include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Businesses should also rotate passwords to prevent them from being compromised.

2. Lack of Employee Training

With the increasing use of technology, data security is a priority for any organization. Yet, it needs to start with training employees on measures in protecting business data.

Employees need to be made aware of the risks associated with online data transfer. Also, using public networks can also lead them to making mistakes that could risk the company’s data.

Training employees and making specific resources available. These are secure cloud storage, firewalls, and encrypted emails. They can help ensure that data security is a priority.

By monitoring employee access to different networks, companies can cut the risk of breaches. It ensures that data remains secure.

Implement regular security checks and refresher courses on security policies. It helps to keep employees up to date on common cyber threats and security standards.

Provide clear and consistent security training. It will ensure employees know their data security responsibilities. It can also support the company’s safety data.

3. Inadequate Access Controls

Inadequate access controls increase the risk of unauthorized access to confidential data or resources. Common business data security mistakes related to inadequate access controls are weak passwords. Also, it includes insufficient user authentication and failure to audit employee access to data.

To protect data from insufficient access controls, businesses should use two-factor authentication. It ensures that only authorized users have access.

Also, enforce strong passwords and use role-based authentication to access restricted data. Additionally, companies should regularly audit user access and update their authentication protocols. Create strict policies on giving out privileged access.

4. Neglecting Software Updates and Patches

Failure to keep systems updated can result in network vulnerabilities. It can be exploited maliciously.

It leads to data leakage, corruption, or theft. Furthermore, outdated software can cause compatibility issues. They can prevent users from accessing the latest features.

To avoid problems related to outdated software, checking and installing any available patches and updates on all operating systems, software, and applications is essential. This can be done manually or via an automated system.

Additionally, it is necessary to audit applications regularly. It is to ensure they are up-to-date and that any new applications are tested before deployment.

5. Insufficient Data Backup and Recovery

Failure in backing up data can lead to costly interruptions in service. It will also lose data if the source is corrupted.

Businesses should understand their data storage needs to ensure enough data backup and recovery. Use automated On-Demand backups. Use many cloud services to back up data securely.

Companies should also test their backups regularly. It is to ensure that all data can be restored efficiently. Regularly testing backups ensures that the restore process is quick and easy should it ever be needed.

6. Poor Network Security

Poor network security is one of the most common mistakes in business data security. Network security encompasses many aspects of cybersecurity.

These are controlling access to the network, securing server and router configurations, and enforcing firewalls. To avoid this mistake, businesses must use strong passwords.

Always keep their systems current, and use encryption protocols whenever possible. Additionally, companies should audit their networks and servers to look for vulnerabilities.

You can also hire best managed IT services or staff trained in cybersecurity is also essential. They can provide skilled support and expertise when needed.

A robust network security policy should also be created and implemented. It ensures all necessary safeguards are being taken. Finally, limiting physical access to the network to authorized individuals.

Also, monitoring network traffic. These are crucial steps to ensure network security.

7. Lack of Data Encryption

Data encryption is essential in business data security. Without encryption, your valuable data is unprotected and accessible, susceptible to attack.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to encrypt their data. It makes it easy for malicious attackers to access it.

Ensure all sensitive data stored on your network is encrypted. When encrypting your data, use a robust encryption method such as AES256. Ensure that you always use an up-to-date encryption key that is kept confidential.

Additionally, only authorized personnel and the data security team should have access to the encryption key. Use an encryption system that is updated. It helps to defend against the latest threats actively.

Encrypt data when transmitted over the internet–use your network’s firewalls. You can also use Virtual Private Networks.

It helps the data secure even while on its way to its destination. Following these steps can guarantee you are safe from data theft due to a lack of data encryption.

Learn How to Avoid Mistakes in Business Data Security

Data security is essential for any business or organization. Common mistakes in business data security such as not encrypting devices, relying on passwords, and not taking necessary precautions can lead to data breaches.

To avoid these mistakes, businesses should invest in the latest security measures. Create a culture that focuses on data security at all levels.

Keeping data safe should be the top priority of every business. Contact an IT professional today to ensure you have the best data security measures.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023

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