6 Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

About 58.43% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, and this number is increasing.

With so many people using mobile devices, you should make sure you have a mobile marketing strategy in place so you don’t miss out. There are various elements to a successful mobile marketing campaign, and there are also various things that can be done wrong.

In this guide, we’ll go over 6 common mobile marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them. Keep reading for more.

1. Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Most websites are designed primarily for desktop use, and there are a lot out there that aren’t optimized for mobile devices at all. Mobile users who have a bad experience will quickly move on to your competitors.

Your website engagement rates will directly affect your profits. Getting a professional web design company to optimize your site is highly recommended.

2. No CTA Above the Fold

Almost all businesses use CTA buttons, but how they’re placed can have a sizable impact on how effective they are. Placing it above the fold will ensure users see it straight away. Avoid putting too much content on the page that will distract from the button, and monitor different CTAs so you can see the most effective ways to implement them.

3. Not Adjusting Channels to Your Target Audience

You need to make sure you know what channels your target audience is using. Then ensure any messages for customers are focused on these channels.

If you use resources to create content for platforms your audience doesn’t use, it will simply be a waste. Note that this can change with time, so keep an eye on things so that you can make changes to your strategy if needed.

4. Not Including Mobile Friendly Payment Methods

With most people using mobile devices, you want them to be able to interact with your brand in any way they need to. One of the most important parts of this is ensuring they can make purchases.

There are a range of payment methods that people will want to use. This includes debit/credit cards and services like PayPal and Apple Pay. The more options you have available, the easier it will be for users to buy from you.

5. Inconsistent Platforms Throughout the Customer Journey

When marketing businesses online, you want to keep things as smooth and seamless as possible. You might have different customer care channels, but you should ensure your customers can always reach your company through any of them. Monitor all channels through a single platform so you can see what previous interactions contact customers have had.

6. Limiting Yourself to Text

There was a time when mobile marketing was limited to text messaging, but things have come a long way since then. Some companies still only use these, but you should be taking advantage of everything available to you. Things like rich media, landing pages, and conversational communication will all provide better results.

Avoiding Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

There are plenty of common mobile marketing mistakes, and if you can successfully avoid them, it will help your business gain more leads and generate higher profits. Ensure you’re always monitoring any metrics related to your mobile marketing strategy so that you can keep improving it.

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Last Updated on April 21, 2023

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