5 Tips For Making Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Are you setting up a booth at a trade show soon? If so, you’re probably thinking up ways to grab your audience’s attention.

Even with all the grand ideas up your sleeve, there’s no telling what your competition has in store. So instead of aiming for their attention, you should make your booth stand out! But how can you do that?

We’ve gathered five tips to help you build a trade show booth anyone can see from a mile away. Let’s start.

1. Use the Three-Color Rule

If you want to make your event booth stand out, the first step is to consider the visuals. Many suggest using bright or high-contrasting colors. You can also add your own brand colors.

Remember that the goal is to highlight your brand, so you want your audience to spot you easily. At the same time, your booth should still look appealing.

A general design tip is to use the three-color or 60-30-10 rule. It harmonizes your color scheme and maintains balance with your design. 60% of the palette is for the dominant color, 30% is for contrast, and 10% is for accent.

2. Build Around a Feeling

Think about what you want an audience to feel or think when they come across your trade show stand. Should they feel excited or relaxed? Will they see your brand as chic or cozy?

Build around the feeling you want your prospects to have once they interact with your booth. This way, you can figure out how to elevate those emotions and thoughts.

For example, offer custom logo snacks to let your audience feel comfortable and trusting. You can also buy 8 ft tablecloths with a neat custom design for displays to give off a professional feel.

3. Plan Giveaways

Standing out at a trade show doesn’t mean you should be limited to your exhibition stand. You should also find ways to extend your reach and make your brand visible.

It can be through something as simple as handing out stickers, brand bracelets, or pins. When you choose what to give away, consider something they can easily carry around the trade event.

Another idea is to incorporate your brand into practical items that are unique for events but very useful. Some examples include umbrellas, hand fans, totes, or something related to your brand.

4. Create Experiences

Once prospects are at your booth, make their trade event memorable by creating experiences with them. The goal is to promote your brand, but you also want to connect with your audience. Building experiences is one way to do that.

You can set up games and have the audience participate for rewards. It’s even better if you incorporate your products or services into them!

5. Invest in Unique Tech

A trade expo isn’t just an event for a few groups. Usually, it involves people from across cities, so don’t hesitate to invest a little more.

If you want people to look your way, present them with unique tech. For example, use holograms to showcase your products or robots to greet visitors. As long as it fits your budget, it can be anything that promotes a change of environment.

Improve Your Booth to Boost Your Trade Show Impact

You can get lots of leverage at a trade show with the right approach for your booth. More than attracting clients, you should also find ways to stand out. This way, prospects are more likely to approach you willingly!

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Last Updated on May 13, 2023

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