How to Manage Your Daily Routine Like روتين ليلى الفاسية مع دجاج بالدغميرة البنة ياسلام ليلى الفاسية

To make sure that you are living a good life or you want to live a good life, you need to take care of your daily routine. 

If you have not set up your daily routine روتين ليلى الفاسية مع دجاج بالدغميرة البنة ياسلام ليلى الفاسية  then this article is for you. 

But before diving deep into setting up a daily routine like Laila-Al-Fassia, let’s have a little introduction of her. 

Who is Laila-Al-Fassia?

Laila-Al-Fassia is a very famous YouTuber with more than 68 thousand subscribers according to May 9, 2023 stats. She makes cooking vlogs and tutorials. Many people ask about the routine of Laila-Al-Fassia like this query روتين ليلى الفاسية مع دجاج بالدغميرة البنة ياسلام ليلى الفاسية. So today, we will only talk about the tips and tricks to set a perfect daily routine for a healthy life.  

How to set up a good daily routine?

Well, you need to take care of your current situation to make a daily routine according. No matter whether you are a student, businessman, worker, or anyone who wants to set up a good routine. 

List All To-Dos Items:

This rule doesn’t comply with special tasks. If you have many to-dos items per day which are common each day then you should first create a list of all to-dos to understand your tasks. 

This can give you a lot of benefits like you will be able to prioritize tasks from the to-dos list.

You will also be able to decide which task is important and which is useless. You will be able to wipe out all the trash and useless acts from your daily life. 

Set a Time Table:

The next thing after creating a to-do list is to create a timetable sheet in which you have to alot specific time for each specific task. This will help you to maintain the work balance, complete daily tasks on time, and ultimately save a lot of time.

Here is a tip, try to give deadlines for your tasks to save more time and put more effort to be active.

Reward Yourself:

After creating to-dos lits, prioritizing your tasks according to their work nature, creating a time schedule for them, and completing the theme at the right time, you need to reward yourself with something which is good for you or you like the most. 

For instance, I like fast food, so when I completed my daily task or do something good or achieve a milestone, then I will reward myself by eating fast food. You can do whatever you want. Don’t eat fast food! This is just for example. Take care of your wealth and health.


Entertainment is one of the most important parts of daily life. I don’t need to explain much more about entertainment because you already about your favorite source of entertainment. So, fix a time like 1:50 to 2 hours a day and go ahead with your favorite entertainment source 

Analyze Today, Improve Tomorrow:

Before going to bed, you should take an analysis of your daily work and achievements. If you have missed something, you should complete it before sleeping, if everything is fine then plan something more for tomorrow. Make sure to make every single day better than the previous day. 


Setting up a good routine is not too difficult or challenging. These tips that we have written in the article are general tips for creating a good daily routine. You can adjust this according to your requirements. 

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Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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