YT5S: Download Any YouTube Video For Free

Yt5s gives you a chance to view, share and save videos from any website for free. This is one of the best sites that allows users to download any YouTube video in different formats such as mp4, webm, 3gp etc.


YT5S is a free online tool to download YouTube videos. Yt5s is a very simple video downloader, so you can download videos in any format you want.

It works on Laptop, Computer, Mobile phone and Tab.

Visit the yt5s site

To download any YouTube video, you will need to visit the yt5s website. Once there, click on the Download button and enter the link of your desired video into the “Enter URL” field and select format from the drop-down menu (If there are multiple formats available then select one which suits best for your device).

Paste the youtube video link into the space provided

Paste the youtube video link into the space provided and click “Submit”. You will then be taken to a page with your YouTube channel name and an option to view comments on your video.

Select the video quality 

You can download the song,movies as ogg, 720p, 3gp, flv or webm. You can also use yt5s to download videos from other sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. Also if you want to download audio files (such as music) then click on the “Audio” option in the menu bar and choose one of your favourite artists or songs that you would like to hear.


After you’ve downloaded the app, it’s time to start downloading videos. To get started, simply download the videos from your feed. The YT5S will automatically download each video and save them locally on your device until they’re ready for viewing.

Once all the downloads are completed (in seconds), simply open up YT5S and hit play! You’ll be able to watch or even save all of these great shows without ever having to worry about installing anything or paying $1 per month like other services do!


Hopefully, you’ve managed to download the video from the site. This is a great way to watch all your favourite YouTube videos, and it works on most devices. If you want more features like this one, check out our other guides!

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Last Updated on November 10, 2022

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