Why used cars become unaffordable? 4 Biggest Reasons

Ever wondered used cars become unaffordable? Well, if have got a used car, you might know the factors that participate in the unaffordability of used cars. But if you don’t have experience of buying or using old cars then this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about 5 key factors that play an important role in the unaffordability of used cars. 

Why used cars become unaffordable?

Think about that, used things sell at a low price than their original price (as a brand new product). For example, if you bought a washing machine and you want to sell it after 1 year of using it, of course, it will sell at a low price. 

In the case of cars, the scenario is different. Used cars become unaffordable. It’s quite an interesting fact why this only happens for cars. You don’t need to worry much about that because here we will talk about 4 major factors that play an important role in the unaffordability of used cars. 

Increased Demand:

why used cars become unaffordable

The whole world’s economy is collapsing. That’s why it is getting hard for normal people to buy brand-new cars. Well, it’s not too bad. The bad thing is that the used cars are also getting out of budget. One of the factors that make these cars unaffordable is the increased demand for a particular car or maybe any car. For example, if you want to buy a BMW M5, the car is modified and cars similar to this are hard to find out. That’s why, the price will be high for that car. 

In the case of a general car, there would be many people that want to buy that car. That’s why the high demand plays an important role in the increased price of used cars. The higher the person will bid, the higher the chance of getting the car. 

Limited Supply:

Another factor is limited supply. The main issue comes with pre-owned vehicles is that all these cars come with different specifications. Se cars are old some are genuine while some cars have some spare parts which are not genuine. It’s hard to find your desired car and if you find one, then the price will surely be high due to limited supply.

Every company tries its best to satisfy their customer with quality service. Cars nowadays are long durable, reliable, and comfortable. Car owners don’t want to sell their cars which causes a limited supply of rental cars and ultimately high prices. 

That’s why used cars become unaffordable.

Market Ups and Downs:

Some people buy cars, use them for a time, and then they sell these cars for profit. Many people buy cars for investment. The prices of cars change quickly which also increases the demand of car owners. For instance, if a person by a car for $25,000 and now wants to sell teh car after using it for 6 months but now the original car’s price is $30000. He will surely demand more price. It could be possible that he will charge 25 or more than 25 thousand dollars. 

This is another factor why used cars become unaffordable.

Maintenance of used cars:

As we know that it tools more costs to repair used cars instead of new cars. As vehicles age, they require frequent maintenance and repair to be smooth and safe to ride. It could be possible that you can buy a used car at a good price but the maintenance of that car will cost you a lot. 


These are some factors that play a critical role in the unaffordability of used cars. However, if you have a good budget or a budget near to buy a new car, then we will recommend you wait for a while and collect more money to buy a new one instead of a used car. The new car will be more comfortable, safe and sound, and affordable.

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Last Updated on May 29, 2023

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