Why I Choose 9xbuddy For Downloading Videos From the Internet?

We all want to save content on our mobile, laptop, or PC to watch it later or watch it when we are disconnected from the internet. Sometimes, we get content that we like so much that we want to keep it to watch later or share with friends. That’s why where comes 9xbuddy. 

YouTube and other video streaming platforms let us download the content but we can only see the content in-app. 

If you want to save the content in the gallery and watch it later then you must have a tool that allows you to download random videos from the internet. That’s where 9xbuddy comes to help you. 

There are a lot of other tools on the internet but why do I choose 9xbuddy as my favorite video downloading buddy?

Well, this article is all about my experience.


9xbuddy is a video download tool that doesn’t host any content but allows you to download online videos from various resources. 

You can download videos from anywhere, literally anywhere. No matter you want to download YouTube, Facebook, or a random website video, 9xbuddy helps you to download it without losing video quality. 

You can only download videos but the platform is very convenient. You can use other tools if you want to download mp3

The platform allows you to download a video in various quality options. You can choose the preferred quality to go on with. 

You can also download thumbnails and subtitles here. No other software or plugin is required to do this. All these features are available in a single platform. 

Why did I choose 9xbuddy?

It’s not only just downloading videos but it is also about convenience and cool features. 

There are a lot of features that made me choose this website for downloading random videos. 

Free to us:

No watermark, no limits, and no money is required to use the website. You can download as many videos as you want for free without a watermark. I am personally using this site for more than 1 year and I have downloaded thousands of videos using this tool. 

Frankly, I have not installed IDM. 9x is free and easy to use. 

Easy To Use:

The site is designed in a simple way and the downloading procedure is very simple. You have to visit their official website. Copy the URL of the video which you want to download. Paste it in the bar of the website and enter. 

The site will load and will find various downloading options. Click the best resolution in which you want to save the video and your downloading will start. 

If you are using this site at night then this is good news for you. The site has a default dark theme which is good for eye protection both day and night. 

Thousands of supporting websites:

Now, this is the most important part. 9xbuddy allows you to download videos from various resources. The site regularly adds more resources where you can download videos. The list is updated daily and you can see the support list on the updates page of the site. 

Probably, you will see the site is not supported issue when trying to download a video from a random resource. Now what you have to do is to set the URL of that website the request a website option as shown in the below image:

The team will review and add this site.

Hopefully, you have understood why I chose 9xbuddy over other video downloading sites. It’s free to use and easy to use with thousands of supporting websites. 

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