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What to Look for When Purchasing Heavy Equipment

Purchasing heavy equipment is a substantial investment. Here, you have to think about the cost of the equipment, as well as any maintenance or repair costs. After all, you want to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

To help you, we’ve assembled a simple guide. By following this, you can make the best purchase for your business. Read on to learn more.

Evaluate Features

When evaluating features of a new heavy equipment purchase, it is important to consider the function and environment. Consideration should be given to the size and capacity of the equipment, as well as the features, balance, and maneuverability. Think about the power source (diesel, electric, gas, etc.) and the weight-to-power ratio.

Determine the functionality of the equipment, if it can be used across multiple terrains, and any specific needs for the job, such as particularly heavy materials or difficult terrain. Also, consider any safety features included on the equipment, such as an operator safety cage.  

The Dealer

Buying equipment from a reliable source – such as a local dealer, dealer website, or online marketplace – to get the best deal. Research companies and dealers that specialize in heavy equipment, and find out which ones have the best customer service and prices. If you’re buying secondhand, be sure to check for any visible damage, ensure that all warranty information is up to date, and test the equipment before making your purchase.

Ask the seller questions about the history and maintenance of the machine. Look into any optional after-care services or training that the company offers. When purchasing heavy equipment, it’s important to consider several different factors.

For example, from, you should look at the selection, quality, value, and customer service. The selection should offer unique parts and accessories, as well as familiar brands, to give you the widest selection possible.

Remember to shop around, ask lots of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the seller and the equipment before sealing the deal.

Evaluate Manufacturer Warranties

When evaluating manufacturer warranties for the purchase of heavy equipment, you should pay attention to the details. Most warranties will cover the parts and labor necessary to repair a defect in material or workmanship. It is important to evaluate the length of the warranty as it determines the scope of the coverage.

Check on the availability of service, how much downtime the equipment may experience (if any), and who will be responsible for the replacement parts. You should also review the conditions under which the manufacturer will honor the warranty. For instance, some warranties require you to use the manufacturer’s parts and services, which may cost considerably more over time.

Read through all applicable warranty complaints from past customers to get a clear view of potential issues. By understanding the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to your choice of heavy equipment.

Pick The Right Heavy Equipment Model For Your Needs

When it comes to purchasing heavy equipment, you should always look for reliable equipment that is well maintained, with a manufacturer warranty if available, and superior customer service. Taking these factors into consideration will ensure you get the highest quality of heavy equipment and ensure your business operations keep running smoothly. Call now to speak to an expert and find the perfect piece of equipment for your business!

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