What Is Zendesk Phone Integration? 3 Things You Should Know

If you haven’t been gauging how satisfactory your customer service is, you better do so now. A good enough reason is that 91% of consumers are willing to switch companies after one bad CS experience. Over 60% even said they’ve already made the switch after a single terrible experience!

An excellent way to meet your clients’ CS demands is to let them talk to a live person. According to a survey, 75% of polled customers prefer this method.

Zendesk phone integration is a service that allows you to do just that.

So, what exactly is this service, and how can it help boost customer satisfaction? This guide has the answers you’re looking for, so read on. 

1. What Is Zendesk Phone Integration?

To better understand Zendesk phone integration, let’s talk about Zendesk first.

Zendesk is a company that offers its customers software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. These include customer relationship management (CRM), sales, and other communications-related software programs. Its clients can access company tools like a helpdesk and live chat for customer support.

Zendesk phone integration, in turn, lets those SaaS products work with phones.

Suppose your business uses a Zendesk-provided CRM for sales and customer support. However, your virtual system only offers chat support. You don’t have a dedicated phone line that customers who need more help can call.

In that case, customers who want to escalate their concerns to a live person can’t immediately do so. They may have to look up your business phone number. Then, they’d have to repeat what they’ve already said on the chat.

Zendesk phone integration offers a solution by linking your CRM to a phone system. An example is its product called Zendesk Talk. It allows customers to transition from one support platform to a voice call.

2. Where Else Can You Use It?

Aside from Zendesk Talk, Zendesk offers phone integration with Salesforce, Ringover, and CloudTalk. It also works on other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. So, you can integrate it with RingCentral, Talkdesk, 8×8, GoTo, and Mitel, among many others.

3. How Does It Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Most people don’t like to repeat themselves, especially not over and over again. One estimate even says people would have a meltdown if you ask them to repeat what they say thrice.

That can happen to your clients if you don’t have a centralized communication system. The more often this occurs, the lower your customer experience rating could get.

Zendesk phone integration can help prevent that by combining voice and digital interactions. It even has a click-to-call function that you or your customers can use. Clients can choose this option to transition from chat to phone.

The integrated system automatically retrieves a caller’s information once their call gets transferred. This lets your phone support agent review the customer’s details and concerns.

Those features and functionalities make each transaction faster and non-repetitive. And the faster clients’ issues get resolved, the happier and more satisfied they can be. 

Consider Investing in Zendesk Integrations

With proper use, Zendesk phone integration can help boost your customer service rating. It can also raise your team’s morale, as it helps make them more productive. All that can then contribute to a higher bottom line.

So, consider exploring and investing in Zendesk integrations as early as today.

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Last Updated on August 4, 2023

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