What Is the Average Biotechnician Salary?

Are you considering a career in the field of biology? After the events of 2020 and the growing importance of science, it certainly seems like a good choice.

While there are many different types of biologists, a common role is that of a biotechnician. Their work forms the basis of many biological studies and as such, is vital to the science.

Are you interested in becoming a biotechnician? The good news is that it’s a great career. So, are you interested?

Then read on to find out all about the biotechnician salary and why it’s worth it.

Depending on the Expertise

Generally, the average entry-level salary for a biotechnician in the United States is about $37,000 per year. With more experience, a biotechnician can expect to make up to $60,000+. Depending on the specialty in which the biotechnician works, salaries can range significantly.

For instance, a biotechnician specializing in medical biotechnology can earn a salary of up to $70,000 per year. While a biotechnician who works in agricultural biotechnology may earn up to $80,000 per year. Biotechnician roles can greatly affect their salary.

Depending on the Location

The average salary for a biotechnician varies significantly depending on the location. Professionals working in the United States earn an average annual salary of $60,000. Those in New York, for example, can make much more, with salaries as high as $90,000.

In comparison, biotechnicians in Canada tend to earn between $52,000 and $75,000 each year. Lastly, biotechnicians in the United Kingdom can also expect to earn between £33,000 to £200,000 per year. Those working in London are among the highest paid, as salaries reach up to £200,000 per year.

Depending on the Qualifications

The average biotechnician salary, depending on the qualifications, can be vastly different. Those with lower qualifications and experience will generally start at a lower salary. Those with Master’s or doctorate degrees have the potential to earn the highest salaries in the industry.

Highly experienced biotechnicians may earn as much as $75,000 per year. This is while new biotechnicians may earn an entry-level salary of around $45,000. Careers such as laboratory managers can earn as much as $87,000.

While positions such as research scientists could earn upwards of $100,000. It is important to keep in mind that salaries will also depend on the geographic location, where biotechnicians may earn more in certain areas than others. 

Depending on the Area of Specialty 

Those with a more specialized skill set and experience can command higher salaries. Basic entry-level biotechnicians often earn a salary of approximately $37,000 or more. Those with complex skills and more experience in the field can earn almost double that.

Those with a degree and industry experience in the area of biochemistry or genetic engineering can earn up to $100,000 depending on the company and state. Some departments require specialist degrees or certifications, such as in agricultural or veterinary areas. Which may garner an even higher salary.

For those with leadership skills, management positions can pay up to $120,000 or more. To get a better grasp through job offerings or specific industries, you may try to look into a Biotech exec search.

Knowing Biotechnician Salary

The average biotechnician salary ranges between $30,000 to $60,000 annually. Depending on the size of the company, job duties, location, and experience level, salaries may vary.

Going to a biotech recruiting seminar can help you learn about competitive pay in the biotech industry. To learn more about the biotechnician field or to determine the best salary range for such a role, it is important to consult experts in the industry.

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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

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