Weekend In Washington DC -How To Plan a Perfect Itinerary

Washington DC is a great place to visit and spend a weekend with friends or family. There is so much to do, but if you are not careful in your planning, you might easily find that you are running out of time to enjoy everything you want to do. Here are some tips to help you plan an ideal itinerary for your Washington DC weekend.

Proximity To The Attractions

When you are trying to create an itinerary for a weekend in Washington DC, your planning should incorporate and consider every attraction you want to visit. Don’t just book the first hotel you see. Think about the different places you want to visit first and book accommodations that will allow you to get to your destinations in less time, whether that means by foot or transit.

If you book the right spot, you won’t have to worry about driving and finding parking, both of which can be a nightmare on a busy weekend. Try and get a place that will meet all your needs, including food options in addition to the different tourist sites you’d like to visit.

Explore History Monuments And Museums

If you are planning a weekend trip to Washington DC, you are undoubtedly coming in with an intent more focused on education and learning, as Washington is unique for its historic landmarks. You definitely want to incorporate visits here into your trip. There are several in close proximity to one another, so you won’t need to travel so far in order to see all you want.

There are tour packages to explore during your stay. If your intent is to tour Washington dc from NYC, consider options that include a travel package as well. Other packages might include your accommodations, food and drink, or even non-tour-related activities. These make it easy to plan, removing the need for separate bookings on your end while building an itinerary of all the historic visits you want.

Go Early And Avoid Crowds

When you are planning your itinerary for each day of your weekend stay in Washington DC, one thing you should do is schedule your monument visits as early as possible. Weekends are busy times, gathering crowds and resulting in long lines. If you want to try your best to avoid this, consider making your plans as early as possible. Another benefit of this is that you will have a large amount of your day to enjoy after you have visited all the monuments and historic sites you want to.

Spread Out Your Museums

So because a lot of the different monuments and museums will be congregated in a relatively closer area, you might be inclined to spend an entire day trying to visit all of them, allowing you to have a free day to do other activities over the weekend. You might, conversely, want to consider spreading out your museum visits to prevent yourself from art and history burnout. This will ensure that you maintain your levels of interest while exploring and learning about each site, keeping engaged throughout the weekend.

Make Reservations For Food

Part of spending a weekend away from home means that you have to find places to eat. While traveling to certain destinations, you might find different local restaurants that you want to try out. It is important to make reservations to ensure that you get seating.

You might not think it is necessary until the crowds of people that are in Washington for the weekend have shared plans to eat at the same restaurants as you. Making a reservation not only means you get to eat where you want but also that you don’t have as long of a wait in order to get seated and eat.

Things To Do That Aren’t Museums

Washington DC is much more than just the historical sites around town, there is plenty to do when you are not learning about and appreciating the past. If you need a little break from the educational activities, or have companions that aren’t into the same attractions you want to see, there are markets, various garden walks, a bustling harbor, and even nightlife to check out while you are in the city. Be sure to include some variety in your itinerary to help you balance the weekend and make it fun for everyone involved. 

Preparation is essential for every trip. Washington DC is no different, and it is crucial if you want to see all of the different destinations, activities and venues that are offered. Organization and planning will help you make the most of your weekend, a timeframe that can really go by just like that.

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