How to use Touch Cric For Cricket Live Streaming

Cricket live streaming is one of the difficult tasks when you know nothing about any platform that offers cricket live streaming. To solve this problem, we are here for you to watch live streaming of cricket, Touch cric has been launched for the public. 

To know how to use this website, how to watch live sports streaming, and why to use TouchCric for watching live sports streaming, read the whole guide. 

Touch Cric:

Touch cric is a website that offers live streaming of cricket for free. You don’t have to pay or buy a subscription plan to watch live cricket streaming. The site displays quality options. You can choose high resolution or low resolution to play a live stream. This is because of your internet connection.

If you have a good internet connection, you can choose high resolution to avoid buffering and missing important moments of the match. If your internet connection is low or not so fast, then you can play stream smoothly with low resolution. 

I recommend you play live stream in high resolution and then see if the steam buffers or not. If you see little or no buffering, keep going. If the buffering continues for a longer period, you can switch to low resolution for a smooth stream. 

You don’t have to create an account on this website to access the content, which most of the platforms do. 

The site officially claims that it offers high-quality live cricket streaming, which is true. However, the site also shows live streaming of other platforms as well as you can see in the image below:

So, whenever you want to watch a live stream of any sport, make sure to visit Touch cric website to see if they are providing that sports stream or not. If yes, then you can enjoy the live streaming for free. 


Touch Cric has various features, which makes it a good platform for watching live streams. The site provides live streaming, but it also shows ranking and scorecards for teams. Visit their official website, which ends with the “.com” domain. It is possible that fake or clone sites will be found in search results. However, make sure to choose domain. 

After visiting the homepage, see the right corner of the header. There, you can select the Scoreboard and Ranking option to see the rankings of each team. 

Touch Cric also has a section on Results where you can see the results of various teams. Most of the streaming platforms don’t have this feature. However, you can get these features for free on Touch Cric. 

How to Use?

Using Touch Cric to watch cricket and other sports live streams is quite easy. All you have to do is visit their official website, scroll the homepage for the live stream you need to watch, or click on any available live stream if you want. In the new webpage, the live stream will start playing.

Before clicking on a stream, you will see quality options. You can choose a resolution option according to your internet speed. For high resolution, you should have a good connection. 

If the match has ended and you are late, you can visit the scoreboard, results, or ranking section to check the performance and record of the match and teams.

By visiting the results section, you can see the results of all matches that have been recently played. 

These are some of the features that I like about touch cric most. The site is quite simple and easy to navigate, so you will not face any problems when browsing. Make sure to check out our guides. 

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