Shadow Work Prompts and How to do Shadow Work as a Beginner

There are some important shadow work prompts for beginners and in this article, you will also study how to do shadow work. We have written an article about what is shadow work?

You should first read that article to clear your concept about shadow work because too many people think that shadow work is about evoking evil powers. This is not true at all. Shadow work is used to know about your hidden abilities and talent.

You can read the article here: What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work practices can make you feel happier, strong, determined, and hopeful. Shadow work helps you to know your hidden talents to make you complete.

Shadow Work Prompts:

Here we have provided 20 shadow work prompts for beginners to practice. If you follow all these instructions your life will change.

  1. Think about a time when somebody was broke faith in you. What would you like to say to an untrusted person?
  2. How do you feel when people see you?
    1. Do you feel embarrassed? Think why?   
  3. What feeling are you afraid of?
    1. How you can avoid exposure to that fear?
  4. Think about a particular trait in people, that you also want.
  5. How about your behavior with your parents?
    1. Is it similar to your childhood or not?
  6. What did you think about your personality as a human? Do you agree with your personality or not?
  7. How do you face any of your past worst incidents?
    1. Do you get successes in forgetting or facing that incident?
    2. What did you feel when you think about that incident?
  8. How do you feel about any fault of yourself that got exposed publicly?
  9. What worst memories make you feel ashamed?
  10. Think about the biggest lie you think about yourself true
    1. Think that are you not ready to face that truth?
    2. Are you not want to make true that lie?
  11. What are the primary goals that you want to achieve through shadow work?
  12. Which is the worst ever act that you have done with yourself?
  13. What thing did you hate the most in yourself?
  14. What biggest promise you have broken with yourself? Think why you did that?
  15. What was the last time when you were felt down?
  16. Which person hurt you the most throughout your whole life?
  17. What’s your awful childhood memory.
  18. Which factor makes you feel unsafe in your life?
  19. What is the mean of freedom in your opinion?
  20. Which thing make you feel most valuable?

These were important shadow work prompts to be learned.

If you want more shadow work prompts, you can see this video:

Now let’s talk about how to do shadow work? If you are a beginner and you want to learn how to do shadow work? Then you are at the right place. Here is the complete method for beginners of how to do shadow work?

How to do Shadow Work?

How to do Shadow Work

Every shadow side has a positive intent. Behind any negative action, there is a positive intent and the goal of shadow work is to look at that positive intent so you can move forward.

So, how to do shadow work properly mean? Performing shadow work on yourself means bringing the unconscious mind to the conscious.

Follow these steps to know how to do shadow work if you are a beginner:

Kindness is the Key:

When you are struggling to improve yourself, many failures and downs will come to your path. If you dig deep into your shadow self, this could be possible that you will start blaming yourself. In this situation, if you are kind-hearted, you will deal with the situation with kindness. Be kind to others and yourself.

Questioning yourself helps you discover yourself:

Get deep into your childhood and start asking questions to yourself. Crawl your whole life events and ask as many questions to yourself as you can.

This will help you to know best about yourself. You will come to know about your failure and faults, your abilities, your worst and good acts, and every move of your life.

Make sure after you know the answers to your questions, try to make yourself better.

Daily Journaling:

When you go to take a rest at night in Bed, rememorize all the events of your present-day and think about what good acts you have done.

Also, think about the improvements that you need in your daily life. This will encourage you to make yourself better day by day and it will ultimately make your shadow self stronger.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to ask us any question if you have it in your mind.

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

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