Raising a Sport-Talented Child – A Parental Guide

Of course, every parent wants their child to excel at everything and every now and then, a sporting legend is born. Most top athletes show their interest in a chosen sport as early as 5 or 6 years old and if you can clearly see that your son or daughter is a gifted athlete, you have come to the right place, as we offer useful suggestions to help you provide essential support. 

Financial support

Ask any top tennis player about their early teens and they will confirm that the financial support from their parents was crucial. Buying equipment, travelling to games and training sessions, are all vital if the young athlete is to progress and develop to their fullest potential. For every successful young athlete, there are a lot that did not make it, due to a lack of resources. Some fathers go into debt to support a developing child, which reflects the level of determination a parent can have. A parent who funds tennis Lessons in Newcastle is investing in their child’s future

Professional tuition

When a young person has a gift for a sport, they will quickly reach a point where they need professional training, which isn’t going to be free. A trainer who recognises talent might very well take on the student for free, if the parents do not have the financial means, while there are also sponsorships to help aspiring young athletes.


The road to the top is long and very hard; there will be times when your child falters and this is the time to provide motivation; of course, rest is important but if you feel your son/daughter is lacking in motivation, remind them what they are capable of and what is attainable. Cheer them on when playing and celebrate successes; when they do lose, remind them that we can’t win all the time. Click here to learn more about secondary education.

Be a mentor

It can be difficult to separate parenthood from the equation and purely be a mentor to help them with their sports training/preparation. The mental aspect of training to achieve more is quite strenuous and if you have the kind of relationship where your child will confide in you, this will help you to give positive input.

Solid academic education

One thing you cannot allow to happen is your child’s academic record to suffer; just because he or she shows promise at a sport, does not mean they can forget about an alternate career. The number of potential athletes that make it to the top is low and without a back up plan, their future would be in jeopardy. Make sure they understand that their grades are more important than anything and whatever else happens, their GPA must be a top priority.

We hope that this short article offers valuable information that helps you guide your offspring to the top of their chosen sport.

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