Complete Guide: QuickBooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks Pro Hosting is a cloud accounting software that can help you handle your finances on the go. It has all the same functions as QB, but you can use it on the custom handheld devices that we provide for hosting.

The algorithm provides a secure backup process for your QuickBooks data that is strong and authentic. It also reduces the backup process by providing several layers of protection. With QuickBooks Pro hosting, you can manage all of your data/files in one place; that is nothing else but the cloud.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting Features

Businesses that use QuickBooks Pro Hosting get access to some very impressive features such as online invoicing and electronic payments.

  • We offer the most suitable solutions to accounting needs
  • You get expert help with your finances.
  • You can also develop skilled quotations to be used in the company.
  • You can access all of your important information with ease.

Advantages You Gain with QuickBooks Pro Hosting Services

  1. Collaborate With Remote Users

 When all the business partners, clients, and staff members work simultaneously on the same QuickBooks Pro files and data, it saves a lot of time and effort.

  • Real-time updates
  • View, edit, or share files.
  • Add/remove users
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Enhanced Data Security

The hosting provider deploys various safeguards at multiple levels to ensure that your hosted QB Pro data stays protected against cyber-attacks and accidents.

  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Enterprise-standard antivirus, firewalls, and anti-malware,
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Controlled access permissions
  • Save time and efforts

It helps clients save time and effort in sharing their sales data. The standard way of sharing the files usually takes place through e-mails but this constant exchange of emails back and forth consumes a lot of time. It takes a good deal of effort to collect all the required data but not anymore. It makes it easy to share important data with anyone and access your files on the DaaS Cloud Solutions with minimum effort.

  • Workflow automation

QuickBooks Pro on the cloud servers is compatible with all the leading QuickBooks add-ons and several other industry applications. With our high-performance servers, we ensure that your business process is always fast and hassle-free.

  • Streamlines Integration
  • Easy app management and data sharing
  • More rapid synchronization
  • Free setup and maintenance
  • 100% Data Recovery

QuickBooks Pro Hosting provides that cloud features are available without any hindrance, so your process remains on the productive track every time, even in case of a tragedy.

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Regular failover testing/drills
  • Planned maintenance and installation of upgrades
  • Multi-level hardware and network redundancy

How to Choose the Most Appropriate QuickBooks Pro Hosting Provider?

If you want to find the best QB hosting provider, you have a few things to look for when narrowing down your search.

  • The company that you are entrusting with your vital data must meet the standards set by SSAE, HIPAA, and GDPR law.
  • Cloud providers need to have high-security protocols to guarantee the safety of your confidential data.
  • The cloud service provider needs to highlight the approved terms about their services and your obligations for that service clearly in the SLA.


Apps4Rent is a QuickBooks solution provider that offers you genuine QB pro hosting licenses, which you can choose as per the business requirements.

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Shift to QuickBooks Hosting in the cloud to enhance work accessibility. They even specialize in providing IT consultation to firms that require assistance in migration services like the operation to Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive into business processes.

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