Popular Timeshare Destinations

Each year more and more people are turning towards the fantasy of owning a timeshare. Global Vacation Ownership says the market value will reach $29,190 million by 2028.

A timeshare can be one of the most worthwhile experiences. But to get the most out of this chance of a lifetime, you must explore popular timeshare destinations.

From sandy beaches of the west coast to the busy lanes of New York, thousands of timeshares are in-between. Below, you can uncover where to buy a timeshare for the sunny summer months. 

Marriott Lakeshore Reserve, Orlando

The Sunshine State is the pick of the bunch for a summer vacation. With its white sandy beaches, tropical weather, and vibrant nightlight, it is easy to see why.

Flordia is home to hundreds of timeshare rentals, but Marriott Lakeshore Resort is the standout resort. From the moment you arrive, tropical trees, peaceful gardens, and a stylish exterior greet you.

Inside, you can decide between a 2-3 bedroom villa or upscale multilevel townhouses. 

You can relax in the sauna or with a coffee from Starbucks. Yet, if you want an action-packed day, it is only five miles from Gatorland and ten from Universal Orlando.

Lagoon Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations, Hawaii

Owning a timeshare in Hawaii is a dream come through for most people. So staying at the best timeshare resort on the island is a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The resort sits on the island of Oahu, only a 2-minute walk from the postcard Kahanamoku Beach. However, if you decide to stay inside the resort, you can avail of the 10,000 sq ft pool and the 20 dining outlets.

Oahu is the homeplace of Honolulu, the capital city, and some of the most stunning nature in the U.S.

So whether you’re a city or nature lover, you will enjoy your stay here.

Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort, California

San Diego may not be the first destination that pops into your head when you think of renting a timeshare. Nonetheless, it offers the best overall package for everyone.

The city offers festivals, family fun, a delicious food scene, and endless things to do. Its Mediterranean climate also allows guests to utilize outdoor activities.

The 3-star hotel has a relaxed vibe and all the modern comforts you’d expect from a hotel. You’ll find free WIFI, parking, an outdoor pool, a business center, and many more. 

Every room is air-conditioned. So you can enjoy a good night’s sleep even in summer.

Hilton Grand Vacations Sedona Summit, Arizona

If you love to unwind on vacation, seek no further than Hilton Grand Vacations Sedona Summit. The iconic red rock surrounds the resort, which you can admire from the heated pools. 

Plenty of hiking trails are nearby, making it feel like you are a million miles from civilization. Yet, you are only a 10-minute drive from the streets of Sedona.

You can find excellent value-for-money timeshares here through the Hilton resale listings. If you are lucky enough to grab a bargain, you can relax in one of the six hot tubs inside the resort!

Search for Your Timeshare Today

As of 2023, more timeshare units are on the market than ever in the past. On the flip side, those vacation rentals are in high demand. Therefore, waiting too long will allow someone to snap up your desired timeshare.

After reading this article, you now know the best and most popular destinations. So waste no more time and search for your dream timeshare before someone else snaps it up.

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

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