Mark Wahlberg net worth (Updated in 2022)

As we know that Mark Wahlberg is a very well-known producer, rapper, actor, and businessman that’s why you are here to find Mark Wahlberg net worth in 2022. Born in America, Mark is considered one of the most famous rappers and producers in America.

He was also sentenced to prison one time in his time. There are many quotes by Mark that are very popular among people. He said at one time:

“You know you have two choices in life, to succeed or to fail”

Here in this article, we will tell you all about Mark Wahlberg, his marital status, his career, his awards and nominations, and Mark Wahlberg net worth.

Mark Wahlberg net worth 2022:


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Born In 1971 in America, Mark is now 49 years old musician. You also say about Mark that he is a multitalented person because he is an actor, former model, businessman, former rapper, producer, and also a former gang member of a drug dealer group.

He has 11 siblings of which 7 are his brother and 4 are his sisters. Alma Wahlberg is the mother while Donald E. Wahlberg Sr. was the father of Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg is 1.73 meters tall and 185Ibs in weight. He has been a member of a drug dealer gang and also was sentenced to prison once in his life.  

Mark got his early education from New Kids on the Block in 1984. He dropped out of high school when he was 10. Mark was sent to prison in 1988


His career started in his teenage as a rapper. He started rap songs with a group having all his friends and also his one brother. He became popular as a rapper and Mark Wahlberg net worth started rising.

Calvin Klein hired Mark as a model for their brand. After being a model, he started appearing in TV Shows.

Mark has also worked in various movies as an actor and played a very significant role in some popular movies. Mark has also received various awards for his superhit movies like Ted, The Fighter, Boggie Nights, The Departed, etc.


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By Mark Wahlberg net worth, he is one of the richest rappers so his awards and honors are also important for us to tell you. In his entire career, Mark has been nominated for various awards from which he has won 9 awards.

Here in the below table, we have listed only the awards that have been received by Mark.  

Mark Wahlberg2021Satellite Award (Himself)
Mark Wahlberg2006Satellite Award (The Departed)
Mark Wahlberg2007National Board of Review (The Departed)
Mark Wahlberg1997Florida Film Critics Circle (Boogie Nights)
Mark Wahlberg2010Boston Society of Film Critics (The Fighter)
Mark Wahlberg2006Boston Society of Film Critics (The Departed)
Mark Wahlberg2010African-American Film Critics Association (The Fighter)
Mark Wahlberg2013MTV Movie & TV Awards (Ted)
Mark Wahlberg2007British Academy Television Award (Entourage)
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Marital Status:

Besides letting you know about Mark Wahlberg net worth, let us tell you about his love life and relationship. In 2009, she has chosen Rhea Durham as his life partner and they got married. Rhea Durham is the current wife of Mark and they are still together even after more than 12 years. 

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2022:

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Now, let’s talk about Mark Wahlberg net worth. According to 2022 stats, Mark Wahlberg net worth is considered as $300 million. Keep in mind that he is one of the richest rappers and producers in the world.

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