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Lydia Fox is a British actress, television personality, and filmmaker from the Robin Fox family. Robin Fox Family already achieved many awards and success in their whole life, they all are good entertainers in the showbiz industry. Lydia Fox is one of the members of this family and also she’s achieved many awards and success and is famous in the full showbiz industry. She is the wife of Richard Ayoade who are multi-talented man in showbiz.

Lydia Fox Biography

Lydia Fox is known by her marriage name Lydia Ayaode. She was born in 1979 his date of month and day are not known yet but she was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

Lydia is a member of the Robin Fox Family and these are all actors then want to become a television and film actress at an early age.


 She started his Education in high school at Newnham College and after high school, she started his university life as a woman faculty at the University of Cambridge. There is she faced a big problem when she started her graduation his year of graduation is not available publicly in his year.

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Net Worth

The Holy Terror Stage actress has made a lot of money in this career and his net worth is 10-$15 Million in 2020 and His Husband Richard Ayoade’s Net worth is 2$ Million.


Lydia Fox’s Career Starts after graduation from University. Lydia already wanted to become an actress then she recorded her shows in 2001 when she was a student, She played the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Show with Tom Hiddleston.

First Movies

After three years she starred in two plays for the UK tour and plays are “The Holy Terror” and “The Little Mermaid”.That Same year Lydia played her television role in “Grath Marenghi’s Darkplace”. After the Television play, she was cast in “AD/BC: A Rock Opera” where she received the role of sage.

After the Event of BBC Lydia Fox landed in 2006 she received a role in the comic book the comedy-drama film “Somebody But Matt’s Girls”. This Year she chose one episode of a British medical drama television series named “Holby City” Where she played the role of Paloma Duncan.

After this drama, she chooses many roles in movies and television series “Lilien as Marriane Parks”, “The IT Crowd(2007)”, “Secret Diary Of a Call Girl (2007)”, “Submarine (2010)” and “The Double (2013)”

Family Of Lydia Fox

Name Relationship with Lydia Fox
James FoxFather
Mary Elizabeth PiperMother
Robin Fox Grandfather
Angela WorthingtonGrandmother
Thomas FoxBrother
Laurence FoxBrother
Jack FoxBrother
Robin FoxBrother
Emilia FoxCousin

Lydia Fox Is a Daughter of the famous English showbiz couple James Fox and Mary Elizabeth Piper. James Fox is a Veteran actor and was active in the 1960s and 1970s they received the BAFTA award. Her grandparents ( Robin Fox and Angela Worthington) also made many funny feasts in the entertainment industry. When Angela Worthington was in horror movies famous Singer Neol Coward Wrote a song titled “Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs. Worthington.

Lydia Fox is a sister of his four brothers and one Cousein: Robin Fox, Jack Fox, Laurence Fox, and Thomas Fox and cousin’s name is Emilia Fox. Laurence Fox and Jack are Known as actors and also his Cousin is well-known as an actress.

Lydia Fox’s Husband Is Richard Ayoade who is a british stylish comedian and entertainer. They Married on 8 September 2007. Richard and Lydia have three children in his Life.

Husband Information

His Husband Richard Ayaode is a British comedian and entertainer. Richard was Born on 23 May 1977 in London. He is best known For his comic role in Maurice Moss on the Channel 4stimcom “The IT Crowd”. He received a British Television award in 2014 for the best male Comedy Performance.


In this article, we give information about the British actress named Lydia Fox who belongs to the Robin family. Robin Family is already in the showbiz industry and received many awards in these careers. I hope this content is informational for you.

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