Marburg Virus 2022: Symptoms, Treatments & Facts

There are many viruses and Humans have been fighting them for years ago. Like other viruses such as coronavirus, Macupo virus, dengue virus, etc. Marburg virus is a newly found virus and is very dangerous. In 1967, it was first found by scientists in Germany.

Its symptoms are more related to the Ebola virus; both viruses can cause hemorrhagic fever. The case rate in 1967 was about 24% but 83% in the 2000s. The first known Marburg virus case was found in Africa in 2021. Although Covid-19 is very dangerous yet its fatality rate is less than this virus.

Its Symptoms and Formation

Marburg virus is highly a infectious virus that causes haemorrhagic Fever. From a river named Lahn, it was named. Many peoples died in Africa due to this disease also two people from ghana died.According to WHO the incubation period of the Marburg virus is 2-21 days.

It is similar to the deadly Ebola virus and according to (WHO) the Marburg virus was first found in 31 people in Germany. It is a very harmful disease and causes hemorrhagic fever. Its fatality rate is about 90 percent. it can cause severe convulsions and bleeding of mucous membranes, skin, and other body organs. Most peoples living in caves and mines have more chances to have this virus.

Symptoms of Marburg Virus:

  • Severe Headache
  • Severe Malaise
  • Watery diarrhea (May persist for a week)
  • Deep-set eyes, expressionless faces, and extreme lethargy (So called “Ghost-like” Features)
  • Severe hemorrhagic Fever
  • Fatal Cases have bleeding from multiple areas

How does Marburg Spread?

It is said that an Egyptian rosette bat often Harborous the virus. it is also said that green monkeys and pigs in Africa are the cause of the infection. Marburg can be spread from physical contact with an infected person, broken skin, or any bodily fluid in direct touch or using the cloth with the fluid on it.

Geographic distribution of Marburg haemorrhagic fever

Geographic distribution of Marburg virus haemorrhagic fever
Geographic Map by WHO

How Marburg virus can Be Treated?

There is no proven treatment available for the Marburg virus. However, a range of precautions and supportive care including rehydration, immune therapies, and blood therapies are out there to increase the chance of survival by treating specific symptoms.

  • Although it can be controlled by avoiding eating bushmeat.
  • People should also avoid interacting with pigs and other infected animals.
  • Those who bury a dead body who died from this virus should avoid touching the body.
  • It can also be treated by boosting your immune system.

Strong Immune System is the Key to Fight Marburg!

Picture from pexels

It is said that people with better and strong immune systems are safer than people with less immune systems. Bacteria and viruses cannot defeat the strong immune system. To make a better immune system eat healthily and avoid junk foods take vitamins and proteins from fruits and vegetables.

Use a Colourful diet because the immune system needs a different type of fuel. Fruits and vegetables provide them. Such as Oranges, red peppers, carrots, and green leafy vegetables are full of vitamins and especially rich in Vitamin C.

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

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