Mallory Plotnik: The Woman Behind Phil Wickham

Mallory Plotnik, famous as the wife of famous American singer Phil Wickham, is a figure shrouded in both mystery and admiration.

 Born in 1988 and raised in the sunshine state of California within a devout Christian family, Mallory’s journey through life has been marked by a steadfast commitment to her faith and an unwavering dedication to her loved ones.


Growing up in the nurturing embrace of her Christian household, Mallory’s formative years were shaped by her parents. Despite her public persona, Mallory has chosen to keep the details of her childhood and upbringing relatively private, leaving much to the imagination of curious fans.

Professional Life & Career

While Mallory’s professional life remains largely undisclosed, she has been known to harbour a deep passion for dance.

 Travelling far and wide, Mallory has immersed herself in various dance styles, ranging from the grace of ballet to the infectious rhythms of hip-hop. Though the specifics of her career remain a mystery, her love for dance speaks volumes about her dedication to the arts.

Marriage To Phil Wickham

Mallory’s life took a significant turn when she tied the knot with the brilliant singer and songwriter, Phil Wickham, on Nov 2, 2008.

Their union, marked by love and shared faith, has blossomed into a beautiful family of six, with Mallory embracing her role as a devoted wife and mother with grace and modesty.

Despite the demands of Phil’s public career, Mallory has remained a resolute pillar of support, ensuring that their family remains grounded in love and faith.

Who Is Phil Wickham?

Phil Wickham is a talented musician known for his soul-stirring Christian music. Born in San Diego in 1984, With a childhood steeped in faith, Phil’s journey as a worship leader and musician has touched the hearts of many. His music, characterized by themes of love, faith, and worship, has earned him accolades and acclaim across the globe.


Mallory Plotnik’s Children

Mallory and Phil’s love story has been blessed with four beautiful children: Penelope, Mabel, Lottie, and Henry. While Mallory treasures her role as a mother, she has chosen to shield her children from the spotlight, opting to keep details about their lives private.

Mallory Plotnik’s Parents & Siblings

Despite her public persona, Mallory has maintained a degree of privacy when it comes to her family. Little is known about her parents or siblings, suggesting that Mallory values her family’s privacy above all else.

Social Media Presence

In an age dominated by social media, Mallory has chosen to tread lightly in the digital realm. While she maintains an active presence on Instagram, her account remains private, offering glimpses into her life while preserving a sense of privacy.

Philanthropy & Social Work

Beyond the glitz and glamour of fame, Mallory remains committed to making a difference in the world. Through philanthropic endeavours and social work, she lends a helping hand to those in need, embodying the virtues of compassion and kindness.

Mallory Plotnik’s Net Worth

While the specifics of Mallory’s income remain undisclosed, she is believed to enjoy a comfortable net worth of approximately $500,000.


In essence, Mallory Plotnik is more than just the wife of a famous musician; she is a beacon of love, faith, and strength in a world often fraught with uncertainty.

 Her unwavering dedication to her family, coupled with her passion for dance and philanthropy, serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

As Mallory continues to navigate the complexities of life, her legacy of love and faith will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those around her.

Quick bio: Mallory Plotnik

Full NameMallory Mae Pennell (Mallory Plotnik)
Date of BirthApril 1988
Age36 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
ProfessionShe dedicates herself to creating a loving and nurturing home; balances family life and supports Phil’s career
Famous ForBeing the wife of Phil Wickham
Marital StatusMarried
Height5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight60 kilograms (132 lbs)
Hair ColorLight brown
Eye ColorBrown
ParentsNot publicly available
SpousePhil Wickham
MarriageMarried Phil Wickham on November 2, 2008
ChildrenPenelope, Mabel, Lottie, and Henry
Support for Phil’s MinistryActively supports Phil’s music ministry; attends concerts and events; shares their faith-filled life on social media
Role as a MotherDedicates herself to creating a loving and nurturing home; balances family life and supports Phil’s career
Influence on Phil’s WorkInspires themes of love, faith, and family in Phil’s music; Phil credits her with personal and professional growth
Public PresencePrefers privacy; focuses on family’s well-being and spiritual growth; remains behind the scenes
Key VirtuesEmbodies faith, love, dedication, strength, and humility
Family SupportIntegral to the Wickham family’s success; a true pillar of strength and inspiration;
she contributes significantly to both Phil’s career and their family life