Download Instagram Content From Imginn Anonymously – 2 Minutes Guide

Imginn is a stunning website that allows you to act and download Instagram content for free. You don’t have to create an account or log into your Instagram account. All you have to do is to read this article to get the best out of imginn.

Imginn not only allows you to view the content but also download a picture or video which is available on the official Instagram app. Using Insta, you cannot download videos or images. 

If you use Instagram for just browsing then you can use this website for accessing all the Instagram content. 


Imginn is a free service that lets you browse Instagram content for free. The site uses the API of Instagram and all the data available on Instagram can be seen here as well. 

You can also download any video or picture that you will not be able to download on Instagram. The site doesn’t have features available like Instagram but still, all the content that is available on Instagram can be browsed here.

How To Use Imginn?

The site’s structure is quite simple and easy to understand. Also, there is an option of removing your account from this site. You can request your account removal from this website by entering the link to your profile and your email. After removal approval, your account will be unavailable on this site but remain on Instagram. 

To do so, visit their website and click on the “Remove Account” button. Now, enter your profile link by searching for your username on this website and copy the link to your profile from this website. Below the link, enter your email and send a removal request. 

The site is designed to browse content by username but you can also type random keywords or hashtags in the search bar. The site will show accounts according to yoru search query. 

One interesting thing that I forgot to tell you is that you cannot watch the content of private accounts on this website. If someone marked his/her account as private on Instagram, you will not be able to see the content of that account from imginn. 

How To Download Content?

Now, it’s time to download the video or posts that you have found on this website. Search for the username of an account. Click on the result and you will see the profile and their sections (Posts, Stories, Tagged) below. 

Now, open any post and you will see a download button below the post. Click on the button and the video will start downloading. 

If you don’t see the download button click on the video and click on save video. Now select the destination folder and click save. Your video will start downloading. 


The site also features related videos when you click on video. You can see comments on a video and also the time of publication. The interesting thing is that there is no official profile or post link on Instagram. All the content or profiles you see on this website starts with imginn URL. 

You can also see the post-publish time. You can also see a profile’s description, name, and picture.

The site is very useful if you want to browse Insta content without creating an account or logging in to your account.

If you see a reel on a profile then the author of the reel can see who viewed the reel on Instagram. On imginn, you can watch any content without revealing your identity. 

You can also request to remove your account from this site if you don’t want people to see your content on this website instead of Instagram. The site is beneficial for both purposes. 

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