How to Start Van Life: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you need a break? We all need a way to unplug and reboot. What if you could downsize your life, live on the road, and find a way to recharge your batteries and rediscover what makes you happy?

That is the idea behind van life. The idea of traveling light is a major draw. It promises a sense of freedom and a chance to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Are you wondering how to start a van life? Keep reading to discover how you can find your own van life escape and make your dreams a reality.

Planning For a Van Life

Planning is often the key to a successful van life experience. It is important to carefully research the cost of living in your chosen area before setting out.

Planning out your route and researching the different laws and regulations regarding camping in your chosen area is also vital in order to ensure you are operating responsibly and within the laws of the country.

Creating a Realistic Budget

Creating a budget for your journey can help to make your van life journey smoother and more enjoyable. Because of the unique nature of this lifestyle, you may need to consider additional expenses such as van conversion, supplies, and any necessary equipment or upgrades.

While creating a budget, you should be aware that costs can quickly add up so be sure to create one that is within your means. Be sure to factor in both the initial and ongoing cost of living in a van, from the initial costs of the van, to fuel, insurance, and other amenities like Wi-Fi and showering. 

Select the Appropriate Vehicle for Your Needs

Select the best vehicles for van life. A smaller vehicle can be cheaper to purchase and more fuel-efficient, but may not accommodate all of your needs. A larger option may be able to house all of your gear but could cost more and not be practical for a given location or activity.

The best way to find the vehicle that best meets your needs is to research based on your specific requirements. You can visit van life forums to ask for more details and advice from experienced van lifers or search according to the make, model, and year.

Account for Vehicle Maintenance and Upkeep

To start van life, it is important to account for vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Before setting off on any long trip, it is important to have a complete vehicle check-up performed by a certified mechanic to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and safe.

Furthermore, having the necessary service parts and tools on hand in the van is important. This includes engine oil, air filters, spark plugs, fuses, and wiper blades. Keeping up with the vehicle’s oil change schedule will help prevent engine damage and costly repairs down the road.

Understanding How to Start a Van Life

How to start a van life? As a first-time Van-Lifer, you have a lot to look forward to! Embrace the adventure of Van Life, take the plunge, and start crafting your perfect nomadic life today!

With focus and dedication, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time. Don’t forget to check out our website for even more tips and tricks to help get you started on your Van Life journey!

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Last Updated on July 15, 2023

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