How to Make Your Family-Friendly Fun Fayre Extra Special

Family-friendly fayres are the highlight of summer for kids. It’s where they can get their face painted. Where they can have thrilling fun, eat candy, drink sugar, and generally have an amazing time with their family or with their friends. If you’re in charge of organising your next community fun fayre, then there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to make it extra special, safe, and enjoyable for all ages: 

Make Staff Easy to Identify 

From security to vendors to operators, everyone working or volunteering at the fun fayre should be easy to pick out. This way, parents can confidently tell their kids to find someone wearing that shirt and hat if they get lost rather than hope they can figure out whom to trust if they were to get separated. 

Not only is this a great way to make the event feel more professional and safe, but that uniform can also help everyone working on the fayre feel connected. Uniforms have always helped people feel like part of a team, and getting custom shirts and hats made is a great souvenir to show your volunteers how much you appreciate their hard work. You can get custom golf hats from Anthem Branding, for example, and a matching shirt, to make them easy to spot and cool in the summer sun. 

Get Local Artists and Businesses in On the Action 

A local fayre is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the local artists and businesses in the area. A simple but very exciting way to do this is to add a pop-up market to your fun fayre. This way, kids can go on the rides, parents can enjoy a little shop around the market, and then everyone can come together by the food trucks to eat. 

Get Those Artists and Businesses to Do Demos 

Adding more activities than just thrill rides and carnival games is a must since it gives more people options and ways to engage and enjoy their time. See if any of the artists or businesses attending would be willing to put on a demo. A local florist can do a flower-arrangement workshop, for example. A local café can do a fun event showing how latte art is done. These can be ticketed events with the option for passers-by to watch so that everyone can enjoy a little something. 

Make it Safe and Accessible 

Have a big meeting sign so that families can meet back up if they get lost, and volunteers to help spread the word if a kid goes missing (hopefully just briefly). You’ll also want to have a first-aid tent, lots of free water and rehydration stations, and canopies to keep people out of the sun on hot days. Doing a little goes a long way to keep attendees healthy and, therefore, happy. Helping people avoid issues like dehydration, in particular, is a huge help. You can do this by offering plastic or paper cups and a water pitcher for free at every food stand, a water dispenser so people can refill their bottles or cups, and emergency water bottles at the first aid station. 

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

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