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How to Capture Your Wedding Story

As you plan your wedding and are deciding upon the look and feel you are going for, ask yourself: how do I want people to feel while they experience my wedding? Unique? Memorable?

Your wedding story is what people are going to remember most about your day. Capturing the feeling of your wedding day is a great way to ensure your guests are swept up into the atmosphere and have a chance to enjoy every minute.

Your wedding story should include photos, live videos, and more. Here’s a brief overview of a few options.

Pick the Right Wedding Photographer

Start by understanding your wedding photography needs and deciding what kind of images you want. Then, review the portfolios of different wedding photographers to get a sense of their style.

Ensure the photographer you choose has the experience and creativity to make your story come alive. Take the time to meet with the photographer and discuss your ideas. Ensure you feel comfortable with their style, skill level, and the type of equipment they use.

Incorporate Videos Into Your Wedding Story

Wedding videography is a wonderful way to capture the special story of your wedding day. Your videographer can create a beautiful video that documents all the fun and emotions of your special day. Begin by choosing a professional wedding videographer who specializes in wedding films and will bring your wedding story to life.

Meet with your videographer and share some of the ideas and concepts you want to include in the video. Have a videographer film special moments like your first dance, or a hand-crafted speech. The videographer will work with you to create a beautiful, timeless film that captures the story of your wedding.

Choose a Creative Layout for the Wedding Story

To begin, determine the focus of your story and design from there. Choose elements that are special to you and your fiance, and make the photos your own. Incorporate meaningful touches, like heirloom jewelry, old family photos, and “something blue” to represent the special day.

You can also use interesting elements like a wildflower bouquet, signboards, car decals, and night lights to add to the atmosphere. Once the idea is set, a storyboard can be created to allow the wedding story to come alive.

Add Special Touches to Make it Memorable

Including special touches to make your story memorable is key to creating beautiful memories. Start by creating a custom timeline for your day that includes special rituals, such as writing private vows or creating a sand ceremony. These special moments are precious, so set aside time to capture them.

Keep your wedding simple so that you can focus on having a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Also, pay close attention to the small details as they all really come together to make a special day; such as the flowers, decorations, and lighting. When done right, each of these elements will be perfectly integrated into your celebration, capturing the story of your special day.

Share Your Wedding Story

Your wedding is an incredibly special day that’s meant to be documented and cherished for years to come. Use these tips to effectively capture and store your wedding story so you can look back and reflect on it whenever you wish. Don’t forget to share your once-in-a-lifetime photos and videos with family and friends – after all, your wedding is a day to be celebrated!

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