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6 Common Museum Etiquette Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you planning to visit any of the estimated 33,000 museums in the United States? Well, it’s no surprise that what you say and do in a museum can impact its exhibits and the experience of the other visitors.

That’s why it’s essential to observe the best museum etiquette, especially if you want to avoid getting in trouble with security. 

Keep reading to learn about the most common museum etiquette mistakes people tend to make and how to correct them.

1. Breaking the ‘No Touching’ Rule

One of the most important rules for any museum visitor is not to touch any of the artifacts. Every museum offers a hands-off approach to exploring its exhibits. It is important for all visitors to remember this, especially when it comes to children. 

By understanding and following museum etiquette, we can ensure that these artifacts stay preserved and safe.

2. Not Following Photography Rules

Taking photos in museums without permission is strictly prohibited in many museums and can be grounds for removal or confiscation. There may also be restrictions on where and how pictures can be taken in the museum. 

Certain areas of the museum may also have strict rules about not photographing certain pieces or displays. As a courtesy, visitors should always ask for permission to take pictures before doing so.

3. Talking Too Loudly

When someone talks too loudly, it disrupts the other guests and can easily disturb the artworks, artifacts and other exhibits. Not only are the other guests disturbed, but also the museum staff can be bothered by the noise.

Visitors should avoid talking too loudly in order not to disrupt the peace and stillness of the museum atmosphere and those around them.

4. Disregarding Mobile Device Rules

Museum etiquette oftentimes includes rules regarding the use of mobile devices. Generally, visitors are asked to turn off any sounds at a minimum and in many cases, asked to refrain from taking pictures, videos or any other media capture. 

It is important for visitors to be aware of and respect the stated rules for their own enjoyment and that of others.

5. Ignoring Designated Paths

Wandering off track not only risks property damage but violates the boundaries of fragile displays in museums.

When visiting a museum, give extra attention and care to the directions and boundaries laid out by staff members. Doing so helps to ensure everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the art and artifacts in an orderly manner.

6. Not Doing Proper Research About the Museum Before the Visit

Another common mistake is not understanding the museum layout. Knowing what attractions are at the museum ahead of time allows you to plan your visit and make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Most museums have online or virtual tours, which can help your plan your visit. You can check the Basketball Museum of Illinois.

Always Observe These Common Museum Etiquette Mistakes

Always remember to be respectful of other museum patrons, museum staff, and the artwork itself. Research museum etiquette and always take your time to enjoy the art around you. Never forget to have fun and enjoy the museum experience.

Be sure to etch your memories and experiences into your mind and show them off to others!

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