How Old is DD Osama? Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, and Career

Wondering how old is DD Osama. Well, when I first saw him performing on the stage, then the first question that came to my mind was what is the age of this young rapper? Probably you had the same thought in your mind when you saw him for the first time. 

Well, let’s come straight to the point. I am not here to only tell you how old is dd osama but I will also tell you about his career, net worth, bio, and girlfriend in this article. 

So, without wasting your time, let’s start this article. 

Who is DD Osama?

Born on November 29, 2006, in New York, DD Osama is a very famous hip-hop singer who gained a lot of popularity and followers on social media with his singles. 

DD Osama is his career or nick name while David Reyes is DD Osama’s real name. He is an American rapper and songwriter who started his career in 2022. 

The story of his career is quite interesting so I prefer you to read the whole article without even skipping a single line. 


According to Famous Birthdays, the popularity rank of DD Osama is 8163rd. DD Osama has its official Youtube channel which is created on July 19, 2021. Hi, the first video was published 11 months ago on Youtube it was a song named “Party in the USA” which has got 2.1 million views across YouTube. The channel has got total of 154,941,966 views. The data is updated on 7 June 2023. Well, there is not any interesting point in his YouTube career.

The interesting fact is that he didn’t start his career with his own will. His brother was a rapper who was stabbed and killed in public after an altercation. His brother was Notti Osama. 

After his death, his song Dead Opps got soo much popularity which was created in memory of DD Osama.

That was the main rise of his popularity. His singles including “Without You” and “40s N 9s” started getting popular. 

His rap career is currently active. He collaborated with Coi Leray in February 2023 and released a song “Upnow”. 


Alabama Barker is the girlfriend of DD Osama which has been exposed by Jaydot Geek. 

Net Worth:

Well, DD Osama is currently a growing rapper and that’s why the data about him is limited. Many resources state different information about his net worth. According to resources, the estimated net worth of DD Osama is 0.5 to $1 million. 

How old is DD Osama?

Now, here is the main question how old is dd Osama? According to the current stats, he is 16 years old. His height is 5.5 ft and weighs about 50 kg.


DD Osama is a growing rapper and songwriter who got popular with his single “Dead Opps” after the brutal murder of his brother Notti Osama who was stabbed in a train in a fight. 

He has collaborated with rappers and is currently active in his rap career. Recently, many people started asking “is DD Osama dead”. I am not sure what makes them ask this question but there is nothing happening to him. He is alive and currently living in America. 

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