How Old is Alex Murdaugh? Weight, Height, Biography, And Net Worth in 2023

Want to know how old is Alex Murdaugh? Well, we have covered a lot of details about Alex Murdaugh who is the murderer of his own wife and son. 

Alex Murdaugh is charged with killing his own wife and son and his other family members are also charged with different murders, corruption, and fraud-like crimes. 

The whole family is filled with different types of criminals. This is going to be interesting if you are a fan of criminal stories. Instead of just talking about how old is alex murdaugh, we will also talk about his murders and criminal charges and also the crimes of other members of the Murdaugh family. 

So, be with us on this journey, and let’s start this article with an introduction to Alex Murdaugh. 

Who is Alex Murdaugh?

Alex Murdaugh is a criminal who has killed his own wife and son. He was born on 27th May 1968 and is one of the well-known members of the Murdaugh family which is known as a criminal family in public. Most of the members of this family have committed various crimes like Murder, fraud, corruption, scams, etc. 

His brother is Rany while his sister is Lynn. Randolph Murdaugh is the father of Alex his mother is Elizabeth Alexandar. 

He was not active on social media platforms and was not so popular. He came into people’s attention after the killing of his son and wife. 

What’s a coincidence that Alex Murdaugh is an American Attorney and he has shot his wife and son to death and is now serving two life sentences in prison. 

Well, that’s quite interesting and also sad at the same time. If the powerful people or the people who are in charge of our justice system will commit such crimes what will happen to the common man, how justice will be served? Well, there are all kinds of people. 

Thankfully, he has been charged with two life sentences for two murders that he has committed and he is now serving his sentences in prison. 

He belongs to a Christian family. His family members have been convicted of various crimes including Sexual Assault

How old is Alex Murdaugh?

Now, let’s talk about his age. Alex Murdaugh was born on 27th May 1968 so he is now 55 years old. He is serving two life sentences in prison. 

Alex is 6 feet and 0 inches tall and his weight is around 76 kg. He has white hair and black eyes. 


Alex Married Margaret Kennedy Branstetter in 1995. He had two sons, Richard and Paul. He killed his wife and son (Paul). His elder son Richard is living alive. He has his girlfriend has reported that the media channels have been following them everywhere for news coverage. He has filled reports in police stations. 

The bodies of his wife and son were found in the Family’s hunting Lodge in California. He has earned a lot of money via corruption frauds, and scams. He killed his wife and son because he thought that his corruption would be revealed so it was good to kill them before the bad time. In an interview with the media, Alex’s song  Richard (Buster) said that his father has psychopathic traits.

Alex Murdaugh Net Worth:

He has committed two murders and is now serving two life sentences in prison. Before he was held in prison, he was also earning a lot of money through corruption, fraud, and scams. According to some resources, before he went to jail, his net worth was $1 million. 

His main income source was business. 

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